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branch-updates.diff # DP: updates from the binutils-2.42 branch

# git diff c7f28aad0c99d1d2fec4e52ebfa3735d90ceb8e9 186520ee1b9ef3ceea225002fe058216eeaa7332

diff --git a/bfd/bfd-in2.h b/bfd/bfd-in2.h
index 581d8fe0b3e..dbafcf8da36 100644
branch-version.diff # DP: Don't bump the version when doing distro builds

git diff 3f56050d62ee48df02cfba3304133e5caf79014d c7f28aad0c99d1d2fec4e52ebfa3735d90ceb8e9
bpf-updates.diff git diff f3911963c51c11c70007287c91948328f1eea1db 920d9f0b39e9e8e42134c0317e772dbb93cdf8c8


2024-01-29 Jose E. Marchesi <>

* doc/c-bpf.texi (BPF Instructions): There is no indirect 64-bit
load instruction.
(BPF Instructions): There is no absolute 64-bit load instruction.
* testsuite/gas/bpf/mem.s: Update test accordingly.
* testsuite/gas/bpf/mem-be-pseudoc.d: Likewise.
* testsuite/gas/bpf/mem-be.d: Likewise.
* testsuite/gas/bpf/mem-pseudoc.d: Likewise.
* testsuite/gas/bpf/mem-pseudoc.s: Likewise.
* testsuite/gas/bpf/mem.d: Likewise.
* testsuite/gas/bpf/mem.s: Likewise.


2024-01-29 Jose E. Marchesi <>

* opcode/bpf.h (enum bpf_insn_id): Remove BPF_INSN_LDINDDW and
BPF_INSN_LDABSDW instructions.


2024-01-29 Jose E. Marchesi <>

* bpf-opc.c (bpf_opcodes): Remove BPF_INSN_LDINDDW and
BPF_INSN_LDABSDW instructions.

diff --git a/gas/doc/c-bpf.texi b/gas/doc/c-bpf.texi
index db8cd1115fd..d99538f16a9 100644
001_ld_makefile_patch.patch Description: correct where ld scripts are installedUpstream status: N/A Chris Chimelis <> no
002_gprof_profile_arcs.patch Add more documentation about profiling and -fprofile-arcs. Chris Chimelis <> no
003_gprof_see_also_monitor.patch Don't mention monitor(3) which doesn't exist in Debian. (#160654) Chris Chimelis <> no
006_better_file_error.patch Specify which filename is causing an error if the filename is adirectory. (#45832) David Kimdon <> no
013_bash_in_ld_testsuite.patch Explicitly use bash for the ld testsuite. Matthias Klose <> no
128_ppc64_powerpc_biarch.patch no
129_multiarch_libpath.patch # DP: Add multiarch directories to linker search path for ld and gold. no
130_gold_disable_testsuite_build.patch Description: Disable build of gold/testsuiteUpstream status: local Matthias Klose no
131_ld_bootstrap_testsuite.patch Description: Fix ld-bootstrap testsuite when configured with --enable-pluginsUpstream status: proposed patch Rafael Espindola no
135_bfd_soversion.patch no
136_bfd_pic.patch Build libbfd with -fPIC to allow linking with PIE binaries Balint Reczey <> no
157_ar_scripts_with_tilde.patch no
161_gold_dummy_zoption.diff # DP: let gold accept a dummy -z buildd-<random-string> option. no
164_ld_doc_remove_xref.diff # DP: In ld.texi, remove cross reference to BFD internals documentation. no
gprof-build.diff # DP: Fix gprof build error. no
aarch64-libpath.diff no
gold-no-keep-files-mapped.diff # DP: gold on 32bit archs: Release mapped files after each pass. no
libctf-soname.diff no
mips-hack.diff no
perl-shebang.diff no
link-jansson.diff no

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