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Status for biosquid/1.9g+cvs20050121-15.1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update Fix manpage for afetch no Fix manpage for alistat no Fix manpage for compstruct no Make sure all tools will be really built no Fix manpage for seqstat no Fix manpage for sfetch no Fix manpage for shuffle no Fix manpage for sindex no Fix manpage for sreformat no
getopt-segmentation-fault.patch Fix segmentation fault with ambiguous arguments The command line parser accessed invalid memory when a given
option matched several option definitions as a prefix, but none
of them exactly (e.g. "--s" as option with "--sam" and
"--samfrac" as option definitions). This was due to an incorrect
check of exact matching that tried to access "opt[i].name" with
i being greater than the upper bound of the array "opt" in case
of not having an exact match. Replaced it with the proper check.
Martin Steghöfer <> no debian
reproducible.patch make build reproducible This patch removes the CFLAGS from the testsuite, which contain
the build directory.
Sascha Steinbiss <> no
perl-testsuite-inc.patch add local directory to Perl lib search path '.' was removed from Perl's default @INC by,
breaking the testsuite here. This patch reintroduces the current directory
Sascha Steinbiss <> no
automake.patch Use automake Andreas Tille <> no 2020-08-12
pkg-config.patch Provide pkg-config input file Andreas Tille <> no 2017-03-23

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