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Status for bitcoin/22.0-1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
1001_use_system_leveldb.patch use system libleveldb-dev instead of a bundled one. Patch derived from Debian litecoin package, extended to be
Jonas Smedegaard <> no 2017-07-09
1002_use_system_secp256k1.patch Build against system secp256k1 when available Jonas Smedegaard <> no 2017-07-09
1003_man_proper_header.patch Use proper header sections in man pages Jonas Smedegaard <> no 2018-06-15
2001_avoid_embedded_libs.patch Avoid embedded libraries Jonas Smedegaard <> no 2017-07-09
2002_UniValue_non-atomic_int.patch fix convert atomic to non-atomic integer for UniValue Fixes Bitcoin 0.20.1 build failure when linked with mainline UniValue:
rpc/blockchain.cpp:2077:35: error: cannot convert 'std::atomic<int>' to 'const UniValue&'
Jonas Smedegaard <> no 2020-11-26

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