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Status for brightd/0.4.1-4

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0001-Fix-hyphens-in-the-manpage.patch Fix hyphens in the manpage Andrej Shadura <> no 2014-02-07
0002-Don-t-use-deprecated-proc-acpi-for-AC-detection.patch Don’t use deprecated /proc/acpi for AC detection
brightd uses the old /proc/acpi/ac_adapter/AC/state to determine
if the system is on AC. Instead, use /sys/class/power_supply/AC/online
for this functionality.
Moritz Augsburger <> no debian 2014-07-11
0003-Use-int-for-brightness-not-char.patch Use int for brightness, not char
brightd saves the current brightness in the variables 'char beforeFade'
and 'char savedLevel'. On hardware where brightness values get higher
than 127, the variable overflows (e.g. on an HP x360 1030 G2, the max
value is 7500). This results in brightd 'restoring' the brightness to
a value that is much too low.

Changing both variables to 'int' solves the problem.
Raphael Wimmer <> no debian 2018-03-26
0004-Reorder-gcc-arguments.patch Reorder gcc arguments
This package fails to link with binutils-gold / --as-needed.
Reorder gcc arguments.
Angel Abad <> no debian 2014-06-14
0005-Reword-the-contradiction-in-the-e-option-description.patch Reword the contradiction in the -e option description Andrej Shadura <> no debian 2018-09-05
0006-Fix-FTCBFS.patch Fix FTCBFS
* cross.patch: Make compiler and install substitutable.
* Let dh_auto_build pass a cross compiler to make.
* Pass a non-stripping install to make install.

brightd fails to cross build from source, because the upstream Makefile
hard codes the build architecture compiler. For fixing that, we need to
make it substitutable and substitute it (e.g. via dh_auto_build). It also
uses install -s and thus the build architecture strip. That's generally
a bad idea, because it breaks DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nostrip and generation
of a -dbgsym package in addition to breaking cross compilation. Thus we
also make INSTALL substitutable and pass a non-stripping install. The
INSTALL assignment can be dropped in debhelper compatibility level 11.
Helmut Grohne <> no debian 2019-02-25

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