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Status for calamares-extensions/1.3.2-1

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0001-CMakeLists-don-t-install-default-branding.patch [PATCH] CMakeLists: don't install default branding
This one is already installed by the `calamares` package.
Arnaud Ferraris <> no 2021-01-07
0002-CMakeLists-remove-example-modules.patch Remove modules not relevant to Debian. This includes expample modules

(slowpython) and modules targetting other operating systems (os-*).
Jararh Gosbell <> not-needed 2023-09-29
0003-mobile-Adjust-all-sizes-for-Calamares-3.3.x.patch [PATCH] mobile: Adjust all sizes for Calamares 3.3.x
From 21f6c944d864f11956bc7c6e4ef31757a3c60b65 Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001

Element sizing in Calamares 3.3.x seems to have dramatically changed,
with for example a button that was previously fine at width 500 now
being huge to the point of causing the installer to overhang the screen.

This reduces the size of most elements such that they fit on a mobile
screen again.
undef <> yes 2023-09-28
0004-mobile-Ensure-welcome-screen-fits-on-Librem5.patch mobile: Ensure welcome screen fits on Librem5
Now that the sizing has changed this line overhangs the screen.
undef <> yes 2023-09-29

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