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Status for casacore/3.5.0-2

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Do-not-install-test-and-demonstration-executables.patch Do not install test and demonstration executables
casacore_{assay,floatcheck} are removed and only used with scons.
measuresdata.csh and ms2uvfits should be included in casacore-doc as examples.
change measuresdata.csh shebang to /usr/bin/tcsh as in Debian.
Benda Xu <> no 2014-10-24
Disable-class-and-collaboration-graph-generation.patch Disable class and collaboration graph generation
The graphviz-generated class and collaboration graph
occupies 1GB disk space. It is too big to deal with. We turn them
off only to save space. Output image format is specified as svg to
further save space (bug #751947).
Benda Xu <> no 2014-09-11
Disable-tests-that-require-data-tables.patch Disable tests that require data tables
The data tables are not available during the build of casacore (yet).
Benda Xu <> no 2014-09-10
Disable-known-test-failures.patch Disable known test failures

These tests fail, probably due to the test itself. From
I'm not sure what to do about the other two tests that fail on arm64,
"tLSQaips" and "tLSQFit", because those two generate a load of output
text containing floating-point numbers and compare that text with an
expected output. It might not be so easy to make that work on all
architectures. Perhaps one could simply disable those two tests.
Preferably one would still run them, so that we can see what happens
in the logs, but not have the build fail if only those tests fail.

Also skip test that fails on armhf since 3.5.0
Ole Streicher <> no 2016-12-02
Loose-some-tests-tFFTServer-tests.patch Loose some tests tFFTServer tests
This shall help to compile for mips64el and hppa.
Ole Streicher <> no 2016-11-24
Make-the-check-for-NFS-a-bit-more-portable-BSD.patch Make the check for NFS a bit more portable (BSD)
And provide a fallback (f.e. for HURD).However, there is probably no
real use case for that, since also other file systems may be slow or
lack certain features.
Ole Streicher <> no 2016-11-24
Enable-hostinfo-for-kFreeBSD.patch Enable hostinfo for kFreeBSD Ole Streicher <> no 2016-11-27
Fix-compilation-for-GNU-Hurd.patch Fix compilation for GNU Hurd
However, the tests still fail.
Ole Streicher <> no 2016-11-30
Use-python3-in-bang-path-of-test-utilities.patch Use python3 in bang path of test utilities Ole Streicher <> no 2019-12-04
Force-compatible-code-for-Dysco-compression.patch Force compatible code for Dysco compression Ole Streicher <> no 2022-07-09

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