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Status for chntpw/140201-1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
01_port_to_gcrypt.patch Port to libgcrypt to avoid GPL/OpenSSL incompatibility Patch to port the sources to libgcrypt
Placed in the public domain
Philippe Coval <> for debian invalid
04_get_abs_path Fix absolute path Unknown no
06_correct_test_open_syscall Fix code in source Fix code that probably is never run since the existing code is totally bogus.
The condition, !open(...), will almost always be true. (sole exception is
when starting a program with stdin initially closed)
Jim Meyering <> no 2009-07-20
07_detect_failure_to_write_key Detect stream write failure. no
08_no_deref_null Diagnose a missing hive file name with -e. no
09_improve_robustness Fix issues in code The first two were spotted via inspection by Fedora team,
the third one was added to address an error found using valgrind:
$ : > j && valgrind ./reged -e j
==16084== by 0x4011E3: main (reged.c:103)
get_abs_path: Not a 'nk' node!

* ntreg.c (fmyinput): Don't clobber ibuf[-1] upon NUL input.
* ntreg.c (convert_string): Don't segfault upon low memory.
* ntreg.c (openHive): Don't read uninitialized when file is too small.
Jim Meyering <> no 2009-07-20
10_remove_static Do not build static files in the Makefile, they are not used in Debian. Javier Fernandez-Sanguino <> for Debian not-needed
11_improve_documentation Fix spelling and grammar mistakes in documentation
This patch is the result of reviewing (by a non-foreign speaker, oh! the
irony!) the documentation provided by the upstream author in
the sources (text files).

It tries to fix some grammar and spelling mistake, while trying not
to add any new ones.
Javier Fernandez-Sanguino <> invalid 2014-08-07
12_readonly_filesystem Fix reading files in read-only filesystems
chntpw fails to read files from read-only filesystems, despite having some
logic to handle this:

# chntpw -e /c/Windows/System32/config/SOFTWARE
chntpw version 1.00 140201, (c) Petter N Hagen
openHive(/c/Windows/System32/config/SOFTWARE) failed: Read-only file system, trying read-only
openHive(): read error: : Read-only file system

This is due to using errno as an error checking mechanism; it should only be
used when one knows a function has failed. This patch fixes this problem. It
also adds support for the non-fatal EINTR error, and fixes yet another bug
where the last read size is used in a check instead of the whole file size.

Sam Hocevar <> no debian
13_write_to_hive Write to the HIVE file Enable the experimental function that writes to the HIVE
the user password

Patch available at:
Adrian Gibanel Lopez <> invalid debian other
14_improve_description Fix description and typos in the code
Patches available at:
Adrian Gibanel Lopez <> invalid debian other
15_added_samunlock_binary Add samunlock binary The samunlock binary lets you unlock or list users.
This command is suited for scripts and can be run also interactively

Obtained from:
Adrian Gibanel Lopez <> no other

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