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0001-randr-change-offending-def-clx-class-to-defstruct.patch commit efd01b1f74ea1841370db1f1f89f30af544101fb

extensions: randr: change offending def-clx-class to defstruct

Options not portable to defclass were used (:type and :named). I
assume that struct access is needed so I use defstruct instead.

diff --git a/extensions/randr.lisp b/extensions/randr.lisp
index cb5a4b7..190b159 100644
Daniel Kochmański <> no 2019-10-07
clos.patch Enable compilation of CLOS classes for SBCL;
patch by Peter Van Eynde <>; closes: #258128.
diff --git a/depdefs.lisp b/depdefs.lisp
index acb7193..14d9775 100644
asdf.patch no
8bit.patch Patch by François-René ÐVB Rideau to make CLX 8-bit clean with SB-UNICODE; no
sbcl.patch Patch by Peter Van Eynde to work with newer SBCL versions; closes: #331371.

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