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Status for clanlib/1.0~svn3827-11

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
005_am_maintainer_mode.diff =================================================================== no
010_full_linking.diff =================================================================== no
200_kfreebsd.diff =================================================================== no
300_log_h.diff =================================================================== no
400_test_subdirs_signals.diff =================================================================== no
410_libpng16.patch no
420_reproducible.patch Build reproducibly Chris Lamb <> no
430_privacy.patch Remove remote image from documentation
The image is no longer even available at the given URL.
Stephen Kitt <> no
440_makepair.patch Drop the type args from std::make_pair() Stephen Kitt <> no
450_unescaped_left_brace.patch no
remove-special-variable-perl-5.30.patch remove special variable perl 5.30 Markus Koschany <> no 2020-02-28
500_reproducible_build.patch Make the build reproducible Chris Lamb <> no 2018-01-11
pthread_mutexattr_setkind_np.patch pthread_mutexattr_setkind_np
pthread_mutexattr_setkind_np() is long deprecated and should be using
pthread_mutexattr_settype() instead even on Linux. Fixes consumers
when built against glibc-2.34.

Thanks to gentoo for the patch
Markus Koschany <> no 2023-09-15

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