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Status for coq/8.19.1+dfsg-2

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
fix_debian_paths.patch use Debian paths everywhere first written by B.Barenblat in 2019, updated by J.Puydt in 2021 not-needed
remove-heavy-tests.patch Remove heavyweight tests Remove tests that use too much RAM or time to run on a buildd. (The MIPS
buildd is frequently the culprit, as MIPS lacks an OCaml native
Benjamin Barenblat <>, not-needed
remove-tests-that-need-coqlib.patch Disable tests which require -coqlib to be set

A number of tests (mostly for coq_makefile) assume that Coq is
installed when the test runs. This isn't true in an sbuild environment,
though, so disable those tests.
Benjamin Barenblat <> not-needed 2019-08-11
remove-bytecode-failing-tests.patch Disable tests which require ocamlopt

Disable unit tests. They require ocamlopt, which isn't available on all
Debian architectures, and Gaƫtan Gilbert says that "they don't test much
yet" anyway.

Also disable .vio tests, as they run afoul
Benjamin Barenblat <> not-needed 2019-08-11
find_timing_scripts.patch move the timing scripts to a saner location under saner names J.Puydt not-needed

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