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Status for css2xslfo/1.6.2-3

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
01-remove-ant-webdav-stuff.patch Remove WebDAV sync from build.xml build.xml includes a task used by the upstream author to copy the source
somewhere else using WebDAV. This is obviously not appropriate for anything
other than the upstream author's development environment.
Tristan Seligmann <> no 2014-01-19
02-build-modified-libs.patch Build modified versions of libs Upstream makes use of significantly modified versions of SAC/Flute. In
particular, CSS3 support has been added. Fortunately, the source code for
these modified versions is included, but we need to actually build them from
source and use the modified versions rather than the versions packaged in
Tristan Seligmann <> no 2014-01-19
03-set-source-encoding.patch Set source encoding Some source files are in UTF-8, so we need to pass the correct encoding to
Tristan Seligmann <> no 2014-01-19
04-remove-version-number.patch Remove version number Upstream build.xml builds the JAR with version number included; we remove it
to make things easier.
Tristan Seligmann <> no 2014-01-19
05-set-java-version.patch Set source/target to avoid generating Java 5 code Tristan Seligmann <> not-needed 2014-03-29

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