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Status for cutils/1.6-6

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
fix_info_doc.patch Add missing info doc dir section and dir entry. Hamish Moffatt <> no 2001-11-25
fix_spelling.patch Fix spelling in binary. Carlos Maddela <> no 2017-04-03
honour_CPPFLAGS.patch Honour CPPFLAGS. Carlos Maddela <> no 2017-04-03
autoconf_2.69.patch Update autoconf files to work with version 2.69. Carlos Maddela <> no 2017-04-03
yylex_decl.patch Fix missing yylex() declarations. Carlos Maddela <> no 2017-04-03
parallel_build.patch Fix files for parallel builds. Carlos Maddela <> no 2017-09-03
prevent_BBPFS.patch Do not ignore failures in for loops. This is to prevent a repeat of Bug #253654, where only some of the
utilities are successfully built and packaged.
Carlos Maddela <> no 2017-09-03

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