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Status for cyrus-imapd/3.8.1-3

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0001-Disable-runpath-checking.patch Disable runpath checking
Debian Cyrus Team <> no 2020-02-10
0002-Shutdown-and-close-sockets-cleanly.patch Shutdown and close sockets cleanly Cleanly shutdown and close sockets, this is supposed to allow for better
TCP teardown on the remote end, and reduces CLOSE_WAIT time.
This patch was written 8 years ago, it is possible that nowadays nothing
will benefit from a shutdown() right before close(). The commit log
from eight years ago mentions that SHUT_RD should be upgraded to
SHUT_RDWR where possible, but only after verification that this is not
going to cause problems (e.g. by discarding data still on flight to the
Also, it is possible that new daemons and utils in Cyrus 2.2 and 2.3 may
need similar patches.
Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <> yes 2020-02-10
0003-Fix-syslog-prefix.patch Fix syslog prefix Make sure all programs log (to syslog) with "cyrus/<program>" as the
log prefix.
Sven Mueller <> yes 2020-02-10
0005-Updates-calling-of-the-perl-interpreter-to-what-we-e.patch Updates calling of the perl interpreter to what we expect in Debian More precisely: Call /usr/bin/perl directly instead of using some
shell magic to locate perl and run it.
NOTE: only some script use the "-w" or even the "-T" flag for perl.
This should be the default actually.
Sven Mueller <> not-needed 2020-02-10
0006-Fix-paths-on-Debian-in-tools-rehash.patch Fix paths on Debian in tools/rehash Sven Mueller <> not-needed 2020-02-10
0009-Normalize-the-authentication-ID.patch Normalize the authentication ID By normalize, it is intended that;
1) Authentication IDs all can be lowercased for more accurate
comparison without being volatile to, say, user error, and
2) Any leading or trailing blank space can be stripped
"Jeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab Systems)" <> yes 2022-02-23
0012-Use-UnicodeData.txt-from-system.patch Use UnicodeData.txt from system Ondrej Sury <> not-needed 2020-02-10
0018-increase-test-timeout.patch increase test timeout Xavier Guimard <> not-needed debian upstream 2020-05-20
0021_pcre2.patch switch from pcre3 to pcre2 loqs <> yes debian upstream 2023-01-30
fix-upgrade-versions.patch fix the minimal version needed to update Yadd <> not-needed debian 2023-07-19

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