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Disable-dbus-tests.patch Disable dbus tests
Disable tests which need systembus and sessionbus

[smcv: Skip them instead of commenting them out]
Thomas Bechtold <> no 2013-05-25
debian/tests-Ignore-result-of-PEP8-formatting-check.patch tests: Ignore result of PEP8 formatting check
Upstream want the source code to have PEP8-compliant formatting,
and in an upstream project that's fine, but in a downstream
distribution we really don't want new pep8 versions to break the build.
Simon McVittie <> invalid 2017-07-08
meson-drop-unused-argument-for-i18n.merge_file.patch meson: drop unused argument for i18n.merge_file()
Ignored in Meson < 0.60.0, deprecated since 0.60.1 and fatal since 0.61.0.

data/ ERROR: Function does not take positional arguments.
data/ ERROR: Function does not take positional arguments.
Jan Beich <> no 2022-01-24

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