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error_address.patch Avoid non-null array pointer check
name and desc are struct members and thus ->name and ->desc cannot be
null. Avoids an -Werrr=address error.

The cleanup of the init function of wcte13xp-base.c and wcte43x-base.c
was probably already buggy.

Tzafrir Cohen <> no
version.patch Add version as tarball does not include it
The version was supposed to be generated when the tarball was generated.
This is no longer the case as we use a git snapshot and not a DAHDI
release tarball.

Need to figure out what would be the best way to get the version information
Tzafrir Cohen <> no
dahdi_linux_extra dahdi-extra: out-of-tree DAHDI drivers
This patch includes a number of out-of-tree DAHDI drivers from the
dahdi-extra repository. They are all out-of-tree and are highly likely
not to be included in DAHDI-linux in the foreseeable future.

Currently only includes OSLEC
Tzafrir Cohen <> no 2018-01-02
no_firmware_download The firmware downloaders are extra kernel objects that are now required for
the Hardware echo canceller support in some Digium cards (wctdm24xxp,
wcte12xp). They are downloaded at build time. The makefile will build
with support for them if they were indeed downloaded.

This patch removes this downloading and thus keeps those modules
DFSG-compliant. Unlike the Digium firmwares, this is a compile-time
decision and hence cannot be reverted once a dahdi-modules package is

chanmute Enable CHANMUTE optimization (for xpp, mostly)
Enable the OPTIMIZE_CHANMUTE code: don't waste CPU time on channels
whose audio is not useful. Currently only used by xpp drivers, and
disabled by default by upstream.
Tzafrir Cohen <> no
hotplug_mod_params use hotplug mode ("pinned spans") by default
Disable automatic span assignment. Span assignment should be done by
userspace udev hooks.
Tzafrir Cohen <> no
linux_5_6_hostprogs.patch Avoid deprecation warning from Linux 5.6+ build system.

divide64bit.patch Avoid 64bit division, or where needed use kernel support functions
for it.

Needed on (at least) armhf and i386.

conditioned_config.patch Add proper conditions for NET and PPP
Make sure CONFIG_DAHDI_NET and CONFIG_DAHDI_PPP are only enabled if the
kernel configuration supports them.

Tzafrir Cohen <> no
revert_Fix-build-against-linux-5.18.0.patch [PATCH] Fix build against linux >= 5.18.0
This fixes the build against kernels >= 5.18.0 which contain the
following commit removing teh pci-dma-compat API:

commit 7968778914e53788a01c2dee2692cab157de9ac0
Author: Christophe JAILLET <>
Date: Wed Mar 9 20:50:39 2022 +0100

PCI: Remove the deprecated "pci-dma-compat.h" API
Harald Welte <> no 2022-04-24
linux_5_18_pci_consistent.patch 5.18: Wrappers for pci_alloc_consistent et all
Tzafrir Cohen <> no
xhfc_lastreg.patch Initialize x in xhfc.c
Reported error of uninitialized variabld x.
Initialize it to the same value used to initialize the field lastreg.

Tzafrir Cohen <> no

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