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Status for dask/2023.8.0+dfsg-2

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
remove-bokeh-embeds.patch Disable links to sourceless plots that contain off system links. Diane Trout <> no 2020-10-19
Use-the-packaged-MathJax.patch Use the packaged MathJax Ghislain Antony Vaillant <> not-needed 2017-05-31
use-local-intersphinx.patch Use local intersphinx references, instead of the web. Also deleted some duplicated code. Diane Trout <> no 2020-10-19
use-local-reference-yaml.patch Use local files for building documentation instead of downloading them from github. Diane Trout <> no
use-youtube-nocookie.patch Use for embedded videos
youtube-nocookie is a little more privacy friendly than regular
youtube and is a minor change.
Stefano Rivera <> no 2020-12-27
reproducible-config-autofunction.patch Call os.path.expanduser in the collect function instead of top level Calling it when defining the PATH or paths variables meant the
value of os.path.expanduser("~") ended up as part of the default
function signature, which makes this unreproducible.
Also I think ~ is a bit clearer to the user, at least Unix-like OS users.
Diane Trout <> no
ignore_some_sphinx_packages.patch Don't tryy to use Sphinx extensions we don't have
sphinx_autosummary_accessors, sphinx_design are not packaged;
jupyter_sphinx is but probably doesn't work.
Andreas Tille <>, Rebecca N. Palmer no 2023-01-13
js-yaml.patch Don't use minified JavaScript without source
This partly reverts
as we don't have the package they switched to (and given that it's
semi-abandoned, may not want to).
Rebecca N. Palmer <> not-needed
test_warnings_not_errors.patch Don't require FutureWarning to be an error
setup.cfg tries to make it one, but this doesn't work in our CI setup
Rebecca N. Palmer no
verbatim-sphinx-ipython.patch Running the example documentation code makes documentation building non-reproducible Diane Trout <> no
force-little-endian-random.patch Force initializing the random seed with the same byte order interpretation as on x86.

Diane Trout <> no

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