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Status for datalad/0.19.3-2

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no_self_typing no
deb_disable_pytest_warn disable filtering on this warning
to ease backporting on buster (nd100) with old pytest. Causes pytest to puke
right away because it does not know that class.
Yaroslav Halchenko <> no NeuroDebian 2022-09-23
deb_loosenup_setup_requires no
deb_setup_no_msgpack_and_duecredit comment out msgpack and keyring in
msgpack -- for some reason on older systems even if installed
system-wide from debian package, still attempts to pip install it
for no good reason afaik

keyring -- there is older keyring vs newer keyring, keyrings.alt bundle
Will be prescribed in debian/control
Yaroslav Halchenko <> no 2018-03-03
deb_no_utf8 Disable unicode strings in commands to be executed in tests
As you could see largely it is about executing a command with unicode, or later
logging it. Whenvever Python2 seems to do it automagical conversions without blowing up,
on Python3 I found no reliable way to achieve desired -- logger would not accept bytes,
but would puke upon attempt to encode unicode into 'ascii', etc

Problems go away if UTF-8 locale is configured and set (instead of C or POSIX)
Yaroslav Halchenko <> no 2018-06-05
python3.patch use python3 interpreter, not python by default in Makefile The rest of the original patch by Steve Langasek <>
are no longer needed/adopted upstream
revert_platformdirs no
deb-looseversion.patch [PATCH] PATCH: bundle looseversion instead of relying on proper packaged one

Copied from 1.0.3 of . Primary goal -
prepare a tested patch to possibly be included in the patches to shortcut
waiting for an approved package of looseversions (e.g. as in Debian)
Yaroslav Halchenko <> no 2023-01-16

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