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Status for davs2/1.6-1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0001-Make-AVX-symbols-to-be-strictly-visible-fix-build-wi.patch Make AVX symbols to be strictly visible (fix build with gcc8)

_mm256_insertf128_si256 and _mm256_castsi128_si256 are undeclared
in the scope of source/common/vec/intrinsic.h,
which seems to be strictly not permitted by gcc8.
Daniel Bermond <> yes upstream upstream, 2018-12-25
0002-Fix-write-one-more-line-in-intra_pred_ver_sse128.patch Fix write one more line in intra_pred_ver_sse128(). luofl <> no 2021-04-11
0003-Fix-avoid-duplicate-content-when-passing-parameter-h.patch Fix avoid duplicate content when passing parameter -h or --help luofl <> no 2021-04-11
0004-Change-the-help-text-to-English.patch Change the help text to English. luofl <> no 2021-04-11
0005-Allow-preseeding-build-revision-from-environment-var.patch Allow preseeding build revision from environment variable Jonas Smedegaard <> no 2021-04-11
0006-Fix-architecture-optimizations.patch Fix architecture optimizations Jonas Smedegaard <> no 2021-04-11

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