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Status for dbus-c++/0.9.0-12

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
01_host_name_max.patch Avoid relying on max host name length Fixes FTBFS on Debian GNU/kFreeBSD. Robert Millan <> no debian 2023-02-08
02_no_add_needed.patch add missing library to fix FTBFS with --no-add-needed. Ilya Barygin <> no debian
03_add_unistd_header.patch Fix FTBFS due to header dependency changes in gcc 4.7 This patch fixes FTBFS by explicitly including unistd.h. Vincent Cheng <> no debian
04_fix_hurd_ftbfs.patch Fix FTBFS on hurd Fix FTBFS caused by undefined reference to symbol 'pthread_join@@GLIBC_2.12'
while linking test/functional/Test1.
Vincent Cheng <> no 2012-12-05
05_fix_glibmm_ftbfs.patch Fix build with glibmm 2.4 no debian patch imported from OpenSUSE, 2015-07-22
06_fix_gcc-7_ftbfs.patch Fix FTBFS with gcc-7 John Paul Adrian Glaubitz <> no 2018-01-26
07_fix_mutex_ftbfs.patch Fix FTBFS if DBUS_HAS_RECURSIVE_MUTEX is undefined Peter Williams <> no 2018-01-26
08_fix_gcc-12.patch Fix some weird template/operator issues on OS X.
I frankly don't understand at all what's going on here. These fixes
derive from:

Except I've dropped some changes that break the OS X build for me. Frankly, if
it compiles, that's good enough for me.
Peter Williams <> no 2015-12-19
09_fix_build_order_and_linking.patch Fix build order and linking of libraries Thomas Uhle <> yes debian 2022-08-30
10_prevent_deadlock_on_timeout_expiration.patch Prevent deadlock on timeout expiration Oleg Kyreiev <> yes debian 2020-04-06
11_fix_MessageIter__copy_data.patch MessageIter: handle nested dicts in copy_data MessageIter::copy_data is calling dbus_message_iter_open_container (in
libdbus) with an invalid |contained_signature| argument when |type| is
complex. This triggers an assertion failure when the args are checked.
The comments for dbus_message_iter_open_container say: "For variants,
the contained_signature should be the type of the single value inside
the variant. For structs and dict entries, contained_signature should be
NULL; it will be set to whatever types you write into the struct. For
arrays, contained_signature should be the type of the array elements."
However, the existing code only follows this guideline for arrays. It
does the opposite of what is specified (passing NULL when a type
signature string is required and vice versa) for variants, structs, and
dict entries.
This issue was identified and this fix proposed in the upstream issue
tracker (see,
but the fix has not yet been applied upstream and the issue remains open.
This issue was causing cashewd to abort when making a GetProperties
D-Bus call to flimflam's Device interface because of the nesting in the
newly added Cellular.SIMLockStatus property (see issue 11293).
TEST=manual testing on device
Change-Id: Ia29dc64dd9f7627413fc1c1f1fbf8d516336447c
Review URL:
Vince Laviano <> yes vendor, 2011-04-11
12_autoconf_update.patch Update and m4/acx_pthread.m4 Thomas Uhle <> not-needed 2023-02-08

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