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Status for ddclient/3.10.0-2.1

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news.diff Rename to NEWS
This ensures that the file is installed as NEWS.gz as required in
Debian policy >= 4.2.0. For details, see:
Richard Hansen <> no 2020-05-23
maxinterval.diff From version 3.6.2-5, maxinterval.diff Torsten Landschoff <> no 2005-10-18
fix-version.diff Fix version in Richard Hansen <> not-needed 2022-11-23
fix-default-interface-tests.diff Fix flawed default interface IP address tests
`ddclient::get_default_interface()` doesn't appear to return anything
on the CI runners, and subtests can't have 0

Also, some systems don't have IPv4 or IPv6 addresses on the default
Richard Hansen <> no 2022-11-23
ssl-hostname-verification.patch Set `SSL_verifycn_scheme` and `SSL_verifycn_name` on SSL connection
IO::Socket::SSL recently changed hostname verification of literal IP
addresses; see <>.
Literal IP addresses are unlikely to be used by users, but they are
used in unit tests, so the tests started failing. To fix the tests,
and to fix any rare non-test usages, unconditionally set
`SSL_verify_name` to the peer hostname or IP address literal.

While we're here, set `SSL_verifycn_scheme` to `"http"` as encouraged
by the IO::Socket::SSL documentation.
Richard Hansen <> no debian upstream 2023-01-15

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