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Status for didiwiki/0.5-13

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
10_modified_code.patch Modifies the modified code. (?) The src/ dir had modified files directly instead of using patches,
so this (mega-)patch modifies the original (pristine) code
to keep these modifications made before.

diff -Naur src-orig/didi.c src/didi.c
Mauro Lizaur <> no
20_redirect.patch Fixes unicode chars on page names

diff -Naur didiwiki-0.5-deb/src/util.c didiwiki-0.5-patch/src/util.c
Alexey Khudyakov <> no
30_preformatted.patch Removes the double newlines in preformatted text Neil Stockbridge <> no
40_spelling.patch Corrects spelling errors (seperated -> separated) in README file Corrects minor typo in src/wiki.c

Ignace Mouzannar <> no
50_accesslog.patch Adds access log to didiwiki using syslog
diff -urNad didiwiki-0.5~/src/didi.h didiwiki-0.5/src/didi.h
Carlo Mandelli <> no
60_bind_address.patch Implementation of the -l|--listen option that lets you bind to a address other than the default ""

diff -urNad didiwiki-0.5~/src/didi.c didiwiki-0.5/src/didi.c
Carlo Mandelli <> and Ignace Mouzannar <> no
70_usage.patch Usage() function implementation
diff -urNad didiwiki-0.5~/src/didi.c didiwiki-0.5/src/didi.c
Ignace Mouzannar <> no
80_sigint_sigterm.patch Implementation of a SIGINT handler in order to stop didiwiki cleanly
diff -urNad didiwiki-0.5~/src/http.c didiwiki-0.5/src/http.c
Ignace Mouzannar <> no
90_search_engine.patch - Make search case insensitive- Removes redirection to page when search terms are identical to
- If the search returns only one page, then it redirects the user there
- This patch closes #536484

diff -urNad didiwiki-0.5~/src/wiki.c didiwiki-0.5/src/wiki.c
Carlo Mandelli <> and no
91_check_page_path.patch Correct a major security issue allowing didiwiki to display any file on the filesystem
Updated by: Ignace Mouzannar <> with the help
Sergio Gelato <>. Thanks Sergio!
Alexander Izmailov <> no

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