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Status for dirvish/1.2.1-2.1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
01-imsort-reserved-warning.patch Fix for future reserved word warning
diff -urN dirvish-1.2.1/ dirvish-1.2.1.debian/
Paul Slootman <> no
02-rsync-options.patch Fix typo in docs about rsync-options which was deprecated
diff -urN dirvish-1.2.1/dirvish.conf.5 dirvish-1.2.1.debian/dirvish.conf.5
Ondřej Surý <> no
03-dirvish-locate.patch Get patch level of in case exit codes are needed. Ondřej Surý <> no
04-dirvish-runall-usrsbin.patch Debian installs dirvish into /usr/sbin, so look for it there by default. Paul Slootman <> no
05-lock-vault-against-overlapping-runs.patch diff --git a/ b/
index c2488c4..5a6a0b6 100644
06_dirvish_vault_undefined_message.dpatch # If you do "dirvish --init" and forget the --vault bit, the error message
# is "vault undefined", which could make you think that a config file is
# incorrect. Change the message to "vault not specified", which is a bit
# clearer.
Paul Slootman <> no
07_dirvish_localhost_is_also_local.dpatch # If client is listed as the same as `hostname`, dirvish will not use
# ssh to connect but do a local transfer. Do the same if client is
# specified as 'localhost'.
Paul Slootman <> no
08_dirvish.conf_manpage.dpatch fix manpage typo Paul Slootman <> no

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