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debian-changes-1.0-8.3 Upstream changes introduced in version 1.0-8.3 This patch has been created by dpkg-source during the package build.
Here's the last changelog entry, hopefully it gives details on why
those changes were made:
dossizola (1.0-8.3) unstable; urgency=low
* Non-maintainer upload.
- Move to packaging format "3.0 (quilt)" due to desktop image files.
- NMU approved by maintainer, see #549545.
* debian/compat
- Update obsolete 5 to 8.
* debian/control
- (Build-Depends): Add autotools-dev due to config.{sub,guess}.
Update to debhelper 8.
- (Depends) update tag "Source-Version" to "source:Version"
to correct binNMU. Patch tanks to Lior Kaplan <>
(normal; Closes: #435939).
- (Homepage): New field.
- (Standards-Version): Update to 3.9.1.
- Package dossizola
+ (Depends): Add ${misc:Depends} (Lintian).
- Package dossizola-data
+ (Depends): New. Add ${misc:Depends} (Lintian).
+ (Description): Extend (Lintian).
* debian/copyright
- Point to GPL-2, save as UTF-8, add copyright years (Lintian).
- Add FSF preamble (Lintian).
- Point URL to canonical Sourceforge project.
* debian/dossizola.{desktop,png,xcf}
- New. Supplied by St├ęphane Blondon <>.
(minor; Closes: #573870).
* debian/dossizola.sgml
- (refnamediv): Fix bad whatis entry. Must be same as <refmeta> (Lintian).
* debian/rules
- (binary-indep): Comment out dh_installchangelogs because upstream
ChangeLog is empty (Lintian).
- (clean): Cann makefile only if it exists. Delete Makefile.
- (configure-stamp): use latest config.{sub,guess}
(wishlist, FTBFS avr32; Closes: #549545).
- (install): Change obsolete "dh_clean -k" to "dh_prep" (Lintian).
Add install commands for *.desktop file and icons.
* debian/preinst
- Add "set -e" (Lintian).
* debian/source/{format,include-binaries}
- New files.
* debian/watch
- New file (Lintian).
The person named in the Author field signed this changelog entry.
Jari Aalto <> no debian
50-datadir.patch Use $(datadir) to install images Yann Dirson <> no
51-destdir.patch DESTDIR usage Yann Dirson <> no
52-datadir.patch use proper idiom to get DATADIR to C level
Yann Dirson <> no
0001-Add-missing-prototypes-to-get-rid-of-warnings.patch [PATCH] Add missing prototypes to get rid of warnings Yann Dirson <> no 2020-02-02
globals.patch =================================================================== no
typos.patch =================================================================== no

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