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Status for e2guardian/5.3.5-6

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
2002_Debian-clamd-socket.patch In Debian, the clamav-daemon socket is at /run/clamav/clamd.ctl Mike Gabriel <> invalid
1001_spelling-fixes.patch Spelling fixes of the work "implemented" Mike Gabriel <> yes
1002_fix-maxcontentramcachescansize.patch Make sure values of maxcontentfiltersize and maxcontentramcachesize obey to the requirements in the inline documentation. Mike Gabriel <> yes
1003_AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE-expanded-multiple-times.patch Don't expand AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE multiple times. Mike Gabriel <> yes
0001_CVE-2021-44273_fix-hostname-validation-in-certificates.patch [PATCH] Fix bug #707 cert hostnames not being checked - only happened when openssl v1.1 is used Philip Pearce <> no 2021-11-23
0002_uint32-ListContainer.cpp.patch Update ListContainer.cpp
fix uint32_t error
Arjow <> no backport, eab1476ed478f409b11a89c97ad98bc0965d828e 2023-05-09
0003_uint32-ListContainer.hpp.patch Update ListContainer.hpp
fixing uint32_t errror
Arjow <> no backport, ab1299caf0cb5487e19e165e346d890fdc2e716d 2023-05-09

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