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Status for eegdev/0.2-6

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
fix-biosemi-on-bigendian.patch fix biosemi execution on big endian architectures replace preprocessor conditional on WORD_BIGENDIAN by WORDS_BIGENDIAN.
diff --git a/src/plugins/biosemi.c b/src/plugins/biosemi.c
index 4ec9c7c..473edde 100644
Nicolas Bourdaud <> no upstream, 2012-05-21
fix-racecond-in-biosemi-tests.patch fix race conditions in biosemi tests Fix two race conditions in the synchronous transfer and in transfer queues
destruction of the fake libusb library. In addition to these fixes, the
synchronous transfer wrapper has slightly been rewritten to avoid the use
of stack allocated objects for synchronization: this is done solely to
avoid the false positives with helgrind (which have masked until now the
previous race conditions).

diff --git a/tests/fakelibs/activetwo.c b/tests/fakelibs/activetwo.c
index 1e95ced..f11ce0e 100644
Nicolas Bourdaud <> no debian upstream, 2012-05-21
condtimedwait-kfreebsd-bug-workaround.patch temporary workaround of kfreebsd bug pthread_cond_timedwait on kfreebsd is buggy (Debian bug: #673711)
diff --git a/tests/fakelibs/activetwo.c b/tests/fakelibs/activetwo.c
index f11ce0e..777593f 100644
Nicolas Bourdaud <> not-needed debian vendor 2012-05-21
fix-biosemi-close-hangups.patch fix possible hangups of egd_close on biosemi When stopping the handshake, URB can report of URB failure because of
timeout. This patch makes sure that whenever a URB is not resubmitted, this
will be indicated by reducing the number of running transfers
(a2dev->num_running). This should also fix the hang when closing a device
that has failed during acquisition.

diff --git a/src/plugins/biosemi.c b/src/plugins/biosemi.c
index 473edde..6e5e4aa 100644
Nicolas Bourdaud <> no debian upstream, 2012-05-23
fix-bison-grammar-file.patch FTBFS: conflicting types for 'cff_parse' Changes to bison input files (src/core/conffile.y and src/core/confline.y),
in order to adapt to newer bison version.
Dejan Latinovic <> no 2014-03-11
include-config_h.patch include "config.h" before including system headers The following source files were modified to include "config.h" before
including system headers (due to changes in gnulib).
Dejan Latinovic <> no 2014-03-11
fix-unaligned-memory-access.patch Fix unaligned memory access errors on MIPS systems This patch fixes unaligned memory access errors on MIPS systems. Dejan Latinovic <> no 2014-03-11
fix-autoconf-FTBFS.patch Add explicitly to LDFLAGS at needed places to fix FTBFS with new autoconf (2.71) Nilesh Patra <> no 2021-11-02

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