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Status for efl/1.27.0-1.1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
10_remove_google_analytics.diff Remove remote js from html docs The html docs load remote google analytics scripts. Since this can leak local
user actions, remove it.
Ross Vandegrift <> not-needed other 2018-10-11
20_disable_doxygen_timestamps.diff disable doxygen html timestamps This should improve repducibility of efl-doc. Ross Vandegrift <> not-needed other 2018-06-16
30_disable_chm_docs.diff Disable compiled html docs EFL supports compiled html docs for the MS Windows help system. Since these
aren't distributed, disable the build.
Ross Vandegrift <> not-needed 2022-08-01
25_exactness_use_system_python3.diff Use system python3 Debian's python policy requires /usr/bin/python3 for installed scripts. Ross Vandegrift <> not-needed 2020-04-30
45_disable_doc_pack.diff Don't build extra binary doc package make doc builds a binary tar.gz of the docs. It takes a while, and we
don't need it to build efl-doc.
Ross Vandegrift <> not-needed 2019-10-12
55_fix_vieet_bashism.diff fix vieet bashism vieet declares /bin/sh, but posix sh does not define read without a variable. Ross Vandegrift <> yes other 2023-12-24
99-always-regen-shaders.diff make shader code regeneration scripts unconditional The EFL tarballs ship some generated source code that the Debian
package should re-generate on build. Upstream's script tries to
avoid regenerating the data, this makes it unconditional.
Ross Vandegrift <> not-needed other 2020-10-05

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