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03_459467_ui.leds.enable_0.diff Set ui.leds.enable to 0 by default for #459467. No frequent wakeups on
laptops and desktop folks can enable this if they like it. Patch based
on suggestion from (Ahmed El-Mahmoudy).

04_436817_nostrip.diff Remove CFLAGS from the linker command for dh_strip - comply with Debian
policy (section 10.1 "Binaries") for #436817

07_617713_cache_control.diff Patch by Ben Hutchings to fix document caching in violation
of HTTP (see

14_debug_disable_Werror.diff --enable-debug is recommended for development versions of ELinks but adds
-Werror, remove that from CFLAGS.

fix-mailcap-test.diff fix mailcap-cache test=================================================================== yes upstream commit:e93766d4
perl_5.38.patch [PATCH] Fix compilation with Perl 5.38
Perl now includes own `struct object` which clashes with elinks
implementation. Renamed `struct object` to `struct elinks_object` to
avoid it.
"Azamat H. Hackimov" <> yes debian upstream 2023-07-03

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