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Status for enblend-enfuse/4.2-10

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
20_reproducible_sig.diff reproducible binary signature Use timestamp et al. from debian/changelog instead of current
time/user/host for binary signature generation.
Andreas Metzler <> no vendor 2015-10-10
30_hardcode_enfuse_example_dir.diff Hardcode path to enfuse example directory. Debian package splits enblend-enfuse in two packages
and therefore uses /usr/share/doc/enfuse/examples instead of
Andreas Metzler <> not-needed vendor 2016-04-02
40_fixftbfsboost.diff Fix FTBFS against boost 1.74 Anton Gladky <> not-needed debian vendor 2020-11-20
45_1547_e92f3f24a513_Fix_encoding_issues_in_documentation.diff # HG changeset patch
# User tmodes
# Date 1646571935 -3600
# Sun Mar 06 14:05:35 2022 +0100
# Node ID e92f3f24a513dfe10e44ad995167b6a5e3f16400
# Parent b236375ad1a80df4d0b4b15b3f8ff8e15cd31913
Fix encoding issues in documentation

diff -r b236375ad1a8 -r e92f3f24a513 doc/
45_1548_432bb420d65f_Fixes_typo_in_documentation.diff # HG changeset patch
# User tmodes
# Date 1646571962 -3600
# Sun Mar 06 14:06:02 2022 +0100
# Node ID 432bb420d65fcfbbffe1ca2ee0d36c516ac45a87
# Parent e92f3f24a513dfe10e44ad995167b6a5e3f16400
Fixes typo in documentation

diff -r e92f3f24a513 -r 432bb420d65f doc/enblend-overview.tex

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