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bufsize Apparently 60ms is too much for some cards.


Upstream pcaudiolib made audio_object_flush actually do the
close/reopen, but this is not released yet (will be in 1.1). This
however poses threading issues with ALSA: audio_object_flush is
currently called in the application thread while it must be done in
the say_thread for proper safety.

espeak-ng 1.49.2 added a cancel_audio() function which calls
audio_object_flush and is called from close_stream(). That is however
not enough for the stream to get interrupted on cancel (and we don't
want to use upstream's current fix mentioned above since it poses
threading issues).
privacy no
x Avoid complaining about our own files being executable :) no
windows We don't include the windows installer sources. no
i386 commit 310e8fc768631e0d242472ac151bf5ab8fec7f4c

Avoid using floating-point operation

This has varying behavior depending on toolchain and processor.

Fixes #1151

diff --git a/src/libespeak-ng/voices.c b/src/libespeak-ng/voices.c
index add6b94e..6bd83838 100644
Samuel Thibault <> no 2022-04-10
big-endian commit 2c524ec8df6b7f57c1ba1367479830bf9f6be6c2

Fix loading wav files on big-endian architectures

Fixes #1152
Samuel Thibault <> no 2022-04-08
CI CI on salsa seems to be detecting an exec bit ?? no
lang commit 2878e91db0b63663e2059910acbb4064356b1baa

Fix testsuite under various locales

When the current locale doesn't match the current voice, grep would be
surprised by the produced output and believe that this is not text, for
instance with LC_ALL=ru_RU.CP1251 we get:

TEST tests/language-replace.test
testing mk
grep: (standard input): binary file matches
< Translate ''

But we can give -a to grep so it always considers its input as text.

diff --git a/tests/common b/tests/common
index 2d96569a..6c841817 100755
Samuel Thibault <> no 2022-04-10
long-build-path commit e8253c6513e604bb2a4aa9de18682b6f96eeef25

ssml: Use a larger buffer

When building espeak-ng in a directory that has a long path, 80 bytes to
store it is quite short.

diff --git a/src/libespeak-ng/ssml.c b/src/libespeak-ng/ssml.c
index 5bd5da07..c61d5624 100644
Samuel Thibault <> no 2022-04-10
mb-fr commit cbb2b32cb108ed06dc178be8436d4477f80efd58

mb-fr*-en: Give separate names

Otherwise if e.g. only mbrola-fr4 is installed, when the application tries
to load voice en-french, it actually ends up trying to load mb-fr1-en.

diff --git a/espeak-ng-data/voices/mb/mb-fr1-en b/espeak-ng-data/voices/mb/mb-fr1-en
index b39db344..0cc94f5e 100644
Samuel Thibault <> no 2022-08-25

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