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Status for file/1:5.44-3

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update PR/410: pandrew: Add bitcoin and leveldb support no FILE5_44-5-g813b3304 <> 2022-12-26
1672518248.FILE5_44-9-gdc71304b.pyzip-improvements-fc-stegerman.patch Pyzip improvements (FC Stegerman) no FILE5_44-9-gdc71304b <> 2022-12-31
1673481589.FILE5_44-14-gbb955ca3.jar-manifest-signature-file-pkcs-7-signed-data-fc-stegerman.patch JAR Manifest & Signature File, PKCS#7 Signed Data (FC Stegerman) no FILE5_44-14-gbb955ca3 <> 2023-01-11
1673481736.FILE5_44-15-ga2756aa5.improve-javascript-detection-fc-stegerman.patch Improve JavaScript detection (FC Stegerman) no FILE5_44-15-ga2756aa5 <> 2023-01-12
1673482012.FILE5_44-16-gb29519e7.detect-android-apk-files-fc-stegerman.patch Detect Android APK files (FC Stegerman) no FILE5_44-16-gb29519e7 <> 2023-01-12
1673482186.FILE5_44-17-g4c8ee2e7.detect-smali-files-fc-stegerman.patch Detect .smali files (FC Stegerman) no FILE5_44-17-g4c8ee2e7 <> 2023-01-12
1673482234.FILE5_44-18-g9fa5e784.detect-android-art-baseline-profiles-found-in-apk-files.patch Detect Android ART (baseline) profiles found in APK files. (FC Stegerman) no FILE5_44-18-g9fa5e784 <> 2023-01-12
1673482275.FILE5_44-19-g4341ed61.detect-android-package-resource-table-arsc-fc-stegerman.patch Detect Android package resource table (ARSC) (FC Stegerman) no FILE5_44-19-g4341ed61 <> 2023-01-12
1673725413.FILE5_44-22-g6d565d82.improve-apk-detection-fc-stegerman.patch Improve APK detection (FC Stegerman) no FILE5_44-22-g6d565d82 <> 2023-01-14
1674058221.FILE5_44-23-gbaf1f4b4.add-mime-type-to-html-fc-stegerman.patch Add mime type to html (FC Stegerman) no FILE5_44-23-gbaf1f4b4 <> 2023-01-18
1674058358.FILE5_44-24-gc4361a10.improve-detection-of-apk-files-if-we-find-a-manifest-file-at-least-say.patch Improve detection of APK files; if we find a manifest file, at least say (...)
improve detection of APK files; if we find a manifest file, at least say
that it is a jar file (FC Stegerman)
no FILE5_44-24-gc4361a10 <> 2023-01-18
1674400026.FILE5_44-29-g1e4b7389.increase-strength-to-beat-targa-fc-stegerman.patch Increase strength to beat targa (FC Stegerman) no FILE5_44-29-g1e4b7389 <> 2023-01-22
upstream.disable.att3b.patch Disable att3b/WE32K executables like 3B20 Christoph Biedl <> invalid debian 2019-12-19
upstream.mute-debug-warning.patch Disable debug messages Christoph Biedl <> yes 2022-12-20 Support local definitions in /etc/magicAuthor:
Michael Piefel <>,
Judit Foglszinger <>
no 2016-06-27
local.don-t-include-libs-in-build.patch Don't include libs in build
(Reason for this is not at all clear -CB)
Michael Piefel <> no 2016-06-27
local.extra-magic.patch Extra magic file, to be upstreamed Christoph Biedl <> invalid 2018-07-18
local.manpage-seccomp-is-disabled.patch Clarify manpage: seccomp is disabled for the time being Christoph Biedl <> no debian 2019-01-11

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