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Status for flightgear/1:2020.3.18+dfsg-1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
spelling_20160206.patch Fix various spelling errors in release 2016.1.0. Markus Wanner <> no lintian 2016-02-06
spelling_20160529.patch Fix some more spelling errors in release 2016.2.1. Markus Wanner <> no lintian 2016-05-29
spelling_20160920.patch Fix some more spelling errors in release 2016.3.1. Markus Wanner <> no lintian 2016-09-20
spelling_20161121.patch Fix various spelling errors in release 2016.4.4. Markus Wanner <> no lintian 2016-11-21
spelling_20170725.patch Fix various spelling errors in release 2017.2.1. Markus Wanner <> no lintian 2017-07-25
disable-check-for-windows.h.patch Disable check for windows.h "Dr. Tobias Quathamer" <> no 2018-12-09
hid-bigendian.patch hid-bigendian
Joel Ray Holveck <> no 2020-10-13
0008-Disable-some-failing-tests.patch Disable some failing tests Debian FlightGear Crew <> no 2020-06-16
0009-Disable-some-newly-failing-tests.patch Disable some newly failing tests "Dr. Tobias Quathamer" <> no 2020-06-18
0010-Ignore-some-more-tests.patch Ignore some more tests "Dr. Tobias Quathamer" <> no 2020-12-08
0011-test-compilation-fix.patch Revert test_gps.cxx to the last known working version
Revert all changes to test_gps.cxx between 2020.5.4 and 2020.5.5 due
to the missing method pointAlongRouteNorm. This patch should be
removed again once upstream fixes this.
Markus Wanner <> no 2020-12-28
use-UTC-timestamp-for-reproducibility.patch [PATCH] package/CMakeLists.txt: Use UTC timestamp.
While cmake respects SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH, the timezone may still change
the date stamp used.
Vagrant Cascadian <> no 2021-10-17
fix-atomic-build-riscv64.patch Don't use atomic_bool, but atomic_int, the latter doesn't need external latomic linkingon riscv64 Gianfranco Costamagna <> no 2022-12-10

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