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Status for foremost/1.5.7-11

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0004-fix-hurd-max-path.patch fix-hurd-max-path
Fix FTBFS of hurd-i386 by defining the missing PATH_MAX macro.
=?utf-8?q?Ra=C3=BAl_Benencia?= <> no 2021-09-28
0005-improve-makefile.patch Improve Foremost's Makefile
Foremost's Makefile does not uses the standards flags CFLAGS, LDFLAGS and
CPPFLAGS, breaking the compatibility of the flags set by debhelper. This patch
modifies the Makefile to make it compile Foremost in a more standard way.
=?utf-8?q?Ra=C3=BAl_Benencia?= <> no 2021-09-28
0001-fix-config-file-path.patch Look in /etc for config file by default =?utf-8?b?R8O8cmthbiBTZW5nw7xu?= <> no vendor 2012-05-13
0002-fix-lintian-hardening-warnings.patch fix-lintian-hardening-warnings
Fix a format string in order to add hardening flags.
=?utf-8?q?Ra=C3=BAl_Benencia?= <> no 2021-09-28
0003-fix-hurd-and-kfreebsd-build.patch fix-hurd-and-kfreebsd-build
Fixed hurd-i386, kfreebsd-i386 and kfreebsd-amd64 build by adding its
respective rules to Makefile.
=?utf-8?q?Ra=C3=BAl_Benencia?= <> no 2021-09-28
0006-enforce-limits.patch Enforce limits
Enforce limits on the amount of possible patterns and the length of the config
lines in order to avoid segmentation faults and undefined behaviour.
=?utf-8?q?Ra=C3=BAl_Benencia?= <> no 2021-09-28
0007-zip-extra-byte.patch Fix extra byte on .zip files
Fix extra byte at the tail of recovered zip files if -t all is
used. Use the same signature than the "zip" mode.
Maxim Nikulin <> no 2021-09-28
0008-harden-engine.patch Harden engine
Apply CFLAGS, CPPFLAGS and RAW_FLAGS to engine.c.
=?utf-8?q?Ra=C3=BAl_Benencia?= <> no 2021-09-28
0009-Fix-c-undefined-behavior.patch Fix -c undefined behavior
Running "foremost -T -c something" results in undefined behavior.
First, it calls `fopen()` with NULL as pathname. Second, it uses
argv[i] with i > argc. no debian 2021-09-28

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