Debian Patches

Status for funguloids/1.06-15

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
ogre-1.8.patch Fix compilation with Ogre-1.8 no
makefile_modifications.diff Some modifications to get some of the data files installed in the correct places. This is mainly for the purpose of building Debian packages. yes
size_chunks_reverse.patch Correction for MPakDataStream::read(). This reflects what's done in the FileHandleDataStream::read() method in OgreDataStream.cpp in the Ogre library. yes
disable_mouse_capture.patch Support disabling of keyboard and mouse capture for debugging. Andres Mejia <> yes
alc_error.patch Check ALC errors instead of AL errors. Andres Mejia <> yes
g++4.3_fix.patch Fix for compiling with g++4.3 Andres Mejia <> yes debian
ogre-1.6.1.patch Allow building and working with newer Ogre Michael Koch <> yes debian
g++4.6.patch Fix FTBFS with g++ 4.6 Paul Wise <> no debian
optional_cg.patch make the Ogre Cg plugin optional Cristian Morales Vega <> no debian
g++4.7.patch Fix compilation with g++-4.7 no
doc_path.patch Fix location of documentation. Fabian Greffrath <> no
libs_lua5.1.patch Link against liblua5.1 in LIBS, not LDFLAGS. Fabian Greffrath <> no
ogre-1.9.patch Port funguloids to OGRE 1.9 Hans de Goede <> no debian 2014-06-08

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