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Status for fxlinuxprint/1.1.0+ds-4

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0001-fix-typo-in-fxlinuxprint.c.patch fix typo in fxlinuxprint.c Roger Shimizu <> no 2016-10-16
0002-correct-install-path-for-.types-and-.convs-files.patch correct install path for *.types and *.convs files
*.types and *.convs are not config files as the user is not supposed to
modify them.
Install them into /usr/share/cups/mime/, instead of /etc/cups/

Thanks to advice from Till Kamppeter <>.
Roger Shimizu <> no 2016-10-18
0003-make-use-of-the-pdftopdf-filter.patch make use of the pdftopdf filter
This should fix the issue that CUPS options, like number-up and page-ranges,
were ignored.

Thanks to advice from Till Kamppeter <>.
Roger Shimizu <> no 2016-10-19
0004-fxlinuxprint-fix-ppd-loading-in-filter-and-buffer-ov.patch fxlinuxprint-fix-ppd-loading-in-filter-and-buffer-overflow-warnings Thorsten Alteholz <> no 2021-10-19
0005-fxlinuxprint-explicit-printer-models-in-ppd.patch fxlinuxprint-explicit-printer-models-in-ppd Thorsten Alteholz <> no 2021-10-19

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