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Status for ghdl/2.0.0+dfsg-6.2

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
modify-install-paths Patch installation paths for Debian packaging Andreas Bombe <> not-needed 2022-11-26
adjust-compile-flags Apply compile flags as required by Debian Upstream has independently changed things so that this patch does not need to
be upstreamed.
Andreas Bombe <> not-needed 2022-11-25
extend-ghdl-manpage Extend ghdl.1 manpage Add the Debian specific ghdl wrapper information to the manpage. Andreas Bombe <> not-needed 2022-11-25
llvm-14.0.patch Allow build with LLVM 14.0 Andreas Bombe <> not-needed 2022-11-25
gcc-12.patch no
skip-unsupported-tests Skip tests for features not built in Debian VITAL is not included in the Debian build and so the test attempting to
include it must be disabled so that they won't count as a failure.
Andreas Bombe <> not-needed 2022-11-26
parallelize-testsuite Parallelize suite_driver with xargs -P The vests suite is still sequential since it doesn't seem to go through
suite_driver which is still limiting the speedup.
Retrieved from upstream git, where it was added after the 2.0 release. Changed
to not print informational messages on stderr which would cause autopkgtest to
never succeed as all output on stderr is considered failure.
Daniel Gröber <> no upstream, 2022-11-27
gcc-12-fix-move-pragma-suppress commit f8b87697e8b893b6293ebbfc34670c32bfb49397

ghdllocal.adb: move pragma suppress. Fix #2056
Tristan Gingold <> no 2022-05-12
gcc-12-more-fix-move-pragma-suppress commit 8c5689b93e68ac34cdf7dd089a3990ae22f0049c

fix: avoid "pragma Unreferenced given" warnings with GCC 12
Xiretza <> no 2022-05-14
testsuite-show-diff-output Don't suppress diff output in testsuite Some tests in the testsuite compare an output to a reference file and fail if
they do not match. This comparison is done with diff, however some uses
suppress the output of diff (by using the -q option or redirecting to
/dev/null). That makes it hard to diagnose the test failure as the only visible
information is that the output does not match.
This patch changes the diff calls to allow the output to be visible. Retrieved
from upstream git, where it was added after the 2.0 release.
Xiretza <> no upstream, 2022-12-04
testsuite-pass-parameters Pass command line parameters to Andreas Bombe <> no 2023-01-02
psl-disable-incorrect-optimization psl-build.adb: disable incorrect optimization. Fix #2157 Tristan Gingold <> no upstream, 2023-01-04
gcc-distro-specs Add gcc-distro-specs patch to add %(distro_defaults) like in gcc specs The Debian packages for gcc add %(distro_defaults) to the specs, so add the
same to the @vhdl spec line calling ghdl1 in the gcc backend.
Andreas Bombe <> not-needed 2023-01-13
allow-non-linux-mcode Allow non-Linux x86 architectures for mcode backend A check in configure would make builds on hurd and kfreebsd fail as mcode
would activated due to being on x86, but the part selecting build flags would
not recognize the architecture string. Add recognition of *-gnu with the same
flags as the Linux builds.
Andreas Bombe <> not-needed 2023-01-20
sparc-memmodel-include Add memmodel.h include to gcc ortho-lang-9.c On a SPARC build some includes use a type definition from memmodel.h and will
fail to build if it isn't included.
Andreas Bombe <> not-needed 2023-01-20

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