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Status for gitinspector/0.4.4+dfsg-13

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
Use-jQuery-libraries-from-the-Debian-archive.patch Use jQuery libraries from the Debian archive Christian Kastner <> not-needed 2020-03-30
Move-arch-indep-files-to-usr-share.patch Move arch-indep files to /usr/share
Within Debian, arch-independent files shouldn't be in /usr/lib.
Christian Kastner <> not-needed 2014-11-22
port-to-python3.patch port-to-python3 Python Applications Packaging Team yes upstream 2020-03-30
Drop-superfluous-argument-to-NullTranslations.install.patch Drop superfluous argument to NullTranslations.install()
The given argument of True wasn't valid, and triggers an exception with
Christian Kastner <> no 2020-03-30
Drop-bufsize-argument-to-Popen.patch Drop bufsize argument to Popen
It's only allowed in text mode, and with Python 3.8, we get a ton of the
following warnings:

usr/lib/python3.8/ RuntimeWarning: line buffering
(buffering=1) isn't supported in binary mode, the default buffer size will be
self.stdout =, 'rb', bufsize)
Christian Kastner <> no 2020-03-30

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