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Status for gitso/0.6.2+svn158+dfsg-4

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
gitso-hosts.patch Fix path to system-wide gitso-hosts file Florian Schlichting <> no
hyphen-used-as-minus-sign.patch convert hyphens to minus in manpage "By default, "-" chars are interpreted as hyphens (U+2010) by groff, not as
minus signs (U+002D). Since options to programs use minus signs (U+002D), this
means for example in UTF-8 locales that you cannot cut and paste options, nor
search for them easily."
Florian Schlichting <> no
fix_desktop_file.patch improve the .desktop file Encoding is deprecated and Keywords is new; Version is optional and refers to the file format
Icon must be png or svg according to the spec.
MimeType describes supported file types, however gitso doesn't take any files.
Florian Schlichting <> no
create_nonexistant_gitso-hosts.patch create ~/.gitso-hosts if it doesn't exist Florian Schlichting <> no
path-to-gpl3.patch display GPL-3 from common-licenses on copyright tab Florian Schlichting <> not-needed
window-dimensions.patch increase dimensions of connection window Some people have reported they cannot see the Start button, and it is
not possible to resize the window. This is likely different for everyone,
depending on WM theme, DPI and font size, but it seems it's often just a
little bit that's missing. Set more generous values.
Florian Schlichting <> invalid upstream
python3.patch Port to Python 3 and wxPython 4 Scott Talbert <> no

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