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01_remove_home_directory_browsing.patch Description:
Added patch for libgag/src/FileManager.cpp in order to remove my own home
directory from first inspection by the included filemanager. This can
trigger big syslog growth when automount is active. Can have undesirable
effects in a system with automounter.

David Martínez Moreno <> no
02_upstream_changelog.patch =================================================================== no
03_headers_order.patch Description:
With gcc 4.4, compilation of libgag/src/TextStream.cpp fails with the error:
'class GAGCore::StreamBackend' has no member named 'getc'. Reordering
#include's solves the problem.

Ilya Barygin <> no debian
10_pthread_underlinkage.patch =================================================================== no
link-boost-system.patch link against boost-system Dmitrijs Ledkovs <> no
fix-ftbfs-gcc49.diff Fix build with GCC 4.9
Sphinx Jiang <> no debian
gcc5.diff Fix build failure with GCC 5
Matthias Klose <> no
glob2-gcc6.patch Fix some compiler warnings This fixes a FTBFS with GCC 6 where the warnings are now errors. Leo Wandersleb <> no debian upstream, 2011-11-03
scons.patch Fix build with Python3-enabled scons Reiner Herrmann <> no debian
desktop.patch desktop file improvements - drop deprecated encoding
- add keywords
Reiner Herrmann <> no
boost-1.69.patch no
sconstruct-explicitly-add-source_date_ep.patch SConstruct: Explicitly add SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH to the
environment. (Closes: #1010466)
Vagrant Cascadian <> no 2022-05-02

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