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Status for glusterfs/11.1-4

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
01-remove-use-systemd-guards-around-several.diff Remove USE_SYSTEMD guards around several scripts that should always
get installed.

The build-time detection of systemd support only appears to work when
usrmerge is enabled, resulting in different packages on usrmerge
vs. non-usrmerge systems, breaking reproducible builds.
Vagrant Cascadian <> no 2020-08-19
02-systemd-service.diff # Fix PID file location and add a generic hardening feature.
# Use another KillMode to fix #995303

diff -Naur glusterfs-9.4.orig/extras/systemd/ glusterfs-9.4/extras/systemd/
03-systemd-environment-file.diff # Use environment configuration file for glusterd.
# Closes: #1002799

diff -Naur glusterfs-10.0.orig/extras/systemd/ glusterfs-10.0/extras/systemd/
04-systemd-extra-services.diff # Add some basic features for services.

diff -Naur glusterfs-11.0.orig/extras/systemd/ glusterfs-11.0/extras/systemd/
05-remove-hashbang.diff # Remove hashbang from script.

diff -Naur glusterfs-11.0.orig/extras/command-completion/gluster.bash glusterfs-11.0/extras/command-completion/gluster.bash
06-hardcode-ssl-path.diff # On Debian like systems the output of openssl version -d is /usr/lib/ssl,
# where are symlinks in it to the correct directories in /etc/ssl.
# But glusterfs hardcodes the certificate files to be placed directly in
# /usr/lib/ssl, without the correct subdirectories. So that it is possible
# again to store the certificate data in /etc/ssl/ we hardcode the path now.
# A better solution would be to configure the paths in the volfiles, but that
# is not possible, yet.
# Closes: #1056193

diff -Naur glusterfs-11.1.orig/configure glusterfs-11.1/configure
08-bash-term-in-posix-shell.diff # Workaround these warnings:
# glusterfs-common: bash-term-in-posix-shell '${gfid:0:2}' [usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/glusterfs/gfind_missing_files/]
# glusterfs-common: bash-term-in-posix-shell '/dev/tcp' [usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/glusterfs/gfind_missing_files/]

diff -Naur glusterfs-10.2.orig/tools/gfind_missing_files/ glusterfs-10.2/tools/gfind_missing_files/

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