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fln/fln_init.patch commit 1f3c6ba92abd963293afbfa19189071276670b49

Initial commit

diff --git a/ b/
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..083dacc
fln <> no 2012-09-18
fln/0001-Improved-README.patch [PATCH] Improved README Julius Kriukas <> no 2012-09-18
fln/0002-LDAPv3-ldaps-starttls-support.patch [PATCH] LDAPv3, ldaps, starttls support Julius Kriukas <> no 2012-09-18
fln/0003-Fixed-protocol-option-description.patch [PATCH] Fixed protocol option description Julius Kriukas <> no 2012-09-18
fln/0004-cleanAddress-Accept-and-in-mail-addresses.patch [PATCH] cleanAddress: Accept '+' and '=' in mail addresses Bernhard Schmidt <> no 2013-03-18
fln/0005-Fixed-spelling.patch [PATCH] Fixed spelling. nyashtaev <> no 2015-05-29
fln/0006-kept-only-one-spec-for-rpmbuild.patch [PATCH] kept only one spec for rpmbuild =?UTF-8?q?Felipe=20Zipitr=C3=ADa?= <> no 2016-04-13
fln/0007-Implement-DESTDIR-support-in-make-install-Targets.patch [PATCH] Implement DESTDIR support in make install-Targets
This eases the burden for package maintainers where the build system
needs to install the files in a temporary directory for packaging.
Bernhard Schmidt <> no 2016-09-15
fln/0008-Add-deref-option-for-LDAP-alias-dereferencing.patch [PATCH] Add deref option for LDAP alias dereferencing Andrew McCarthy <> no 2016-09-28
fln/0009-Set-LDAP-dereferencing-default-to-never.patch [PATCH] Set LDAP dereferencing default to never Andrew McCarthy <> no 2016-09-29
fln/0010-Fix-compilation-with-ld-as-needed.patch [PATCH] Fix compilation with ld --as-needed
Taken from
Daniel Holbach <> no 2016-10-01
fln/0011-do-not-compile-ASCII-version-of-manpage.patch [PATCH] do not compile ASCII version of manpage Bernhard Schmidt <> no 2016-10-06
fln/0012-fix-error-undefined-macro-in-manpage.patch [PATCH] fix error (undefined macro) in manpage Bernhard Schmidt <> no 2016-10-06
fln/0013-Fix-typos-in-manpages-all-found-by-Debian-Lintian.patch [PATCH] Fix typos in manpages (all found by Debian Lintian Bernhard Schmidt <> no 2016-10-06
fln/0014-fix-typo-in-gnarwl-h.patch [PATCH] fix typo in gnarwl -h Bernhard Schmidt <> no 2016-10-06
fln/0015-exit-with-EX_TEMPFAIL-on-LDAP-errors-i.e.-server-una.patch [PATCH] exit with EX_TEMPFAIL on LDAP errors (i.e. server unavailable)

Fixes fln/gnarwl#8
Bernhard Schmidt <> no 2016-10-19
fln/0016-Replace-empty-fprintf-with-fputs.patch [PATCH] Replace empty fprintf with fputs Julius Kriukas <> no 2016-11-02
fln/0017-Add-note-in-README-about-grarwl-exiting-with-EX_TEMP.patch [PATCH] Add note in README about grarwl exiting with EX_TEMPFAIL status Julius Kriukas <> no 2016-11-03
doc.patch =================================================================== no
dbaccess.patch =================================================================== no
data-makefile.patch =================================================================== no
reproducible_build.patch =================================================================== no
autoheader-missing-template.patch Fix missing template for autoheader Fixes a couple of errors with current autoheader versions
autoheader: warning: missing template: DEFAULT_MTA
autoheader: Use AC_DEFINE([DEFAULT_MTA], [], [Description])
autoheader: warning: missing template: MAXLINE
autoheader: warning: missing template: UMASK
autoreconf: /usr/bin/autoheader failed with exit status: 1
autoreconf is still not possible, see upstream bug
Bernhard Schmidt <> yes 2019-10-02
dont-strip.patch no

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