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Status for golang-github-pkg-term/1.1.0-4

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0001-fix_ppc_build.patch Fix termios constants on PPC architectures Some architectures, notably PPC and MIPS, use different ioctls for
termios. This changes the constants to use the ones defined in which should handle edge case architectures
Stephen Gelman <> yes 2020-12-19
0002-enotty-newer-kernels.patch As of torvalds/linux@1b8b20868a6d64cfe8174a21b25b74367bdf0560, unsupported ioctls now return ENOTTY instead of EINVAL. This change was
also backported to the 5.10 stable branch, so it's a problem on the
current release of many Linux distros now.
Stephen Gelman <> yes 2022-01-13

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