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Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
1004_missing_templates.patch Add missing template files to user plugin. (Just copied from classic theme.)
Daniel Teichmann <> no
2001_fix-smarty-location.patch Adapt location for debian packaged smarty Cajus Pollmeier <> no
2002_fix-template-location.patch Fix location of configuration template. Cajus Pollmeier <> not-needed
2003_fix-class-mapping.patch Fix location of auto-generated class mapping file Cajus Pollmeier <> not-needed
2004_fix-locale-location.patch Fixed location of auto-generated locales Cajus Pollmeier <> not-needed
2005_allow-Debian-blends-to-override-gosa-conf.patch Debian Edu and Debian LAN take care of maintaining its own version of gosa.conf Mike Gabriel <> not-needed
2006_apache2-private-tmp.patch Hint admin to disable Apache2's PrivateTmp feature during setup Wolfgang Schweer <> not-needed
2007_no-pChart.patch Don't ship pChart anymore. It looks as if not used anymore these days. Mike Gabriel <> not-needed
2008_set-version-file-path.patch Set path of the gosa_version_file. Mike Gabriel <> not-needed
1002_php82-allow-dynamic-properties.patch Tolerate dynamic properties in all classes, deprecated in PHP 8.2 Daniel Teichmann <> no
1003_php-deprecations.patch Silence various PHP 8.2 deprecation warnings. Mike Gabriel <> no
1005_preg_replace_deprecation.patch Fix deprecation warning for calling preg_replace with NULL at argument #3. Daniel Teichmann <> no
1006_fix-overflow-debug-print_a-func.patch Make table of print_a() scrollable and allow overflow on body. This makes debugLevel > 0 usable again. Daniel Teichmann <> no
1007_fix_debugLevel_bitwise_and.patch no
1008_main-dont-die-on-empty-config-object.patch no
1009_plugin-callHook-always_output_shell_debugging_msgs.patch no
1010_fix-fix-accept-to-gettext.patch no
2009-Revert-Enable-env-to-work.patch [PATCH] Revert "Enable env to work"
This reverts commit 87e54bc6e8e628dd60793e955c4eed9dfa78cbd4.
Trying to parse a shell command via regex is impossible to get right, the
current approach fails on trivial things like wrapping a command with sudo.
This may expose possibly sensitive information to other users via /proc, ps and
the like.
Guido Berhoerster <> no 2023-08-08
1011_Revert-bugfix-for-users-group-membership-after-group.patch [PATCH 1/9] Revert "bugfix for users group membership after groups extensions."

This reverts commit e2f756f23cc9477c2d91820c1f083347e8fa4b60.
Mike Gabriel <> no 2023-08-13
1012_Revert-fix-member-array-if-no-member-is-present.patch [PATCH 2/9] Revert "fix member array if no member is present"
This reverts commit 8e5da7d93fc7a5864a5378d2f2466c6f3d03bd47.
Mike Gabriel <> no 2023-08-13
1013_Revert-update-for-generic.tpl-to-use-memberACL-inste.patch [PATCH 3/9] Revert "update for generic.tpl to use memberACL instead of memberUidACL"

This reverts a variant of commit 0717777a19790e490fe436367069f9341d6577bc.
Mike Gabriel <> no 2023-08-13
1014_Revert-source-code-and-definition-adjustments-for-th.patch [PATCH 4/9] Revert "source code and definition adjustments for the group extension. v0.2"

This reverts a clean-up variant of commit 7e825c162dd8841b338fcb0e052f4f04d5a0073f.
Mike Gabriel <> no 2023-08-13
1015_Revert-source-code-and-definition-adjustments-for-th.patch [PATCH 5/9] Revert "source code and definition adjustments for the group extension. v0.1"

This reverts a variant of commit 51905d512cfa404945223f8c786bbfff227e0df9.
Mike Gabriel <> no 2023-08-14
1016_Revert-source-code-and-definition-adjustments-for-th.patch [PATCH 6/9] Revert "source code and definition adjustments for the group extension. v0.3"

This reverts a variant of commit 084b4ede95e74b76343e6f3f4c73e31c8dda7aa0.
Mike Gabriel <> no 2023-08-14
1017_Revert-source-code-and-definition-adjustments-for-th.patch [PATCH 7/9] Revert "source code and definition adjustments for the group extension."

This reverts a variant of commit 6537afc7daed7506ab4fe35030311f7d44994b39.
Mike Gabriel <> no 2023-08-14
1018_Revert-fix-multiple_edit-and-add-custom-Constraint-t.patch [PATCH 8/9] Revert "fix multiple_edit and add custom Constraint to filters"

This reverts a variant of commit 7f6cdfae3b1468e2db77c555cc41800bbae4a409.
Mike Gabriel <> no 2023-08-14
1019_Revert-Extends-Functionality-to-add-groups-in-groups.patch [PATCH] Revert "Extends Functionality to add groups in groups"
This reverts a variant of commit 4fa70a94f2ce51d908409d30776ecd2883261272.
Mike Gabriel <> no 2023-08-14 [PATCH 2/2] plugins/admin/groups/ Re-add structural objectClass posixGroup.

This reverts a change that sneaked in via commit 79aa7fe63bc07b468865e103d4bdab9c07e5abbb.
Mike Gabriel <> no 2023-08-14
1021_fix-config-parser-being-null.patch Since PHP 8.x an XML parser must not be null when accessed. It needs to be an instance of XMLParser(). Mike Gabriel <> no
1022_fix-implicit-conversions-of-float-to-int.patch no
1035_acl_override_to_allow_delete_of_group_members.patch Support member removal from groups, if someone has the right to edit the group. Christian Schwamborn <> yes
1099_remove-debug-code.patch no
1102_style-robustness.patch Make generated image styles more robust UNKNOWN no
1105_no-image-warning.patch Don't throw warnings in update-gosa on already existing image files UNKNOWN no
1137_fix_shadowexpire_checkbox_from_tmplate_setting.patch Propagate shadow expiry from user templates to created user objects. Christian Schwamborn <> no
1138_shadowexpire_in_one_line.patch Show shadow expiry (esp. the calendar icon) in one line on screen (html template adjustment). Christian Schwamborn <> no
1143_smarty-add-on-function-param-types.patch Use correct smarty3 API.Abstract.
For the {render} add-on block, drop the &$smarty reference parameter
Drop the complete {tr} add-on block. Not registered as a plugin, not
For the add-on image and add-on factory functions, switch from
reference &$smarty to value $smarty.
Mike Gabriel <> yes
1144_crypto-transition-without-mcrypt.patch No need to let this script depend on php-mcrypt Dominik George <> yes
1145_dont_use_filter_caching.patch Disable flawed filter caching (which works via storing unserialized objects in $_SESSION)Abstract:
All required information is in the above upstream bug report.
This patch has work-around status. It is no proper solution.
Mike Gabriel <> yes
1149_gosa-fix-filterlocklabelimage.patch Use NULL as default for $userPassword in filterLockImage() and filterLockLabel(). Frederik Himpe <> no
1151_openldap-gosa-samba3.-Provide-alias-attribute-descri.patch [PATCH] openldap/gosa-samba3.*: Provide 'alias' attribute description by objectClass 'gosaMailAccount'.

A very common use case in LDAP stored mail accounts is the definition
of a primary mail address and mail address aliases. The add-on module
gosa-plugin-mailaddress provides a field for adding e-mail aliases to
user mail accounts.

Up to now, the 'alias' attribute has only been provided to user accounts
that were set up as kolabInetOrgPerson based accounts.

With this change, the 'alias' attribute description gets provided
for usual gosaMailAccount based accounts.

This change comes together with a schema change in GOsa's kolab2.schema
(where we comment out the 'alias' attribute description). Normally,
Kolab Users maintained via GOsa have the 'gosaMailAccount' objectClass
already set, so 'alias' gets provided via gosa-samba3.schema all fine.
Mike Gabriel <> no 2021-05-25
1154_skip-DN-when-processing-existing-account-settings.patch gosa-core/include/ The $initialAttrs array in change_password() contains the result of an LDAP fetch which contains the DN (and this is not an array), so skip that. Mike Gabriel <> no
1023_fix-icon-labelling-with-default-theme.patch Properly render labelled icons if default materialize CSS theme is used. Mike Gabriel <> no
1024_fix-mess-of-using-and-comparing-int-and-string-values.patch no
1155_fix-uid-generation-when-many-uids-have-been-already-taken.patch [PATCH] include/ Resolve UID generation for cases where many UIDs have already been taken.

While mass creating users these days for a school, I noticed that an
idGenerator expression such as "{%sn[6-8]}{%givenName[2-4]}" did not
produce expected results if many UIDs have already been taken.

In my case (making up names here), I had

sn: Fresher
givenName: Jim

Note that both name parts, sn and givenName, have less then the
max number of characters as specified in the idGenerator expression.
(i.e. Fresher -> 7 chars, Jim -> 3 chars).

In my use case excample, the following login name was already in use,
so it got excluded by gen_uids() from the list of possible login names::


So, the expected results for gen_uids() should have been:


But gen_uids() returned an empty result array().

This change fixes UID generation and also includes UIDs that have max
number of allowed / possible characters as specified by the idGenerator

Without this change, only UIDs up to max-1 characters (or strlen-1
characters) are offered.
Mike Gabriel <> no 2021-07-27
2010_vacation-templates-writeable-path.patch Use a www-data-user-writeable path for vacation templates. Mike Gabriel <> no
1025_fix-icons-in-debugBar.patch Don't use image() method from GOsa's The debug toolbar is not themed, so hard-code icon img tags. Mike Gabriel <> no
1026_dont-access-static-property-non-static.patch no [PATCH 02/13] include/{functions,class_userinfo}.inc: Don't reference non-variable. Resolves PHP error 'Only variables should be assigned by
root <root@postoffice.intern> no 2023-08-17 [PATCH 03/13] include/ Avoid implicit array-to-string conversion. root <root@postoffice.intern> no 2023-08-17 [PATCH 04/13] include/ Only operate on an element in $_SESSION if it exists. root <root@postoffice.intern> no 2023-08-17 [PATCH 05/13],, Only access array elements if they are set. root <root@postoffice.intern> no 2023-08-17
1031_html-main.php-Fix-bug-where-config-is-a-string-after.patch [PATCH 07/13] html/main.php: Fix bug where $config is a string after a while of AFK. GOsa would show PHP crashing.

Can be amended to existing patch!
root <root@postoffice.intern> no 2023-08-22 [PATCH 10/13] include/ Fix copy&paste mistake. Don't try to get element 0 of INTEGER $index. root <root@postoffice.intern> no 2023-08-23 [PATCH] include/ Fix indentation + whitespace of execute() block.

+ Fix $this->$value -> $this->value (Note: the extra $!)
+ Fix case where $oc would not be initialized.
root <root@postoffice.intern> no 2023-08-23 [PATCH 08/13] include/ Fix array_keys being called with a string instead of array at param. #1. root <root@postoffice.intern> no 2023-08-22 [PATCH 01/13] include/ Fix convertForListing() by fixing a clerical logic mistake & initialize roleArray as array not as
root <root@postoffice.intern> no 2023-08-17 [PATCH 12/13] include/ Fixing typos + invalid/misused PHP syntax.

$this->arr isn't referenced anywhere, guessing they mean $attrs?
root <root@postoffice.intern> no 2023-08-23 [PATCH 2/3] include/class_{listing, acl}.inc, plugins/admin/acl/ Fix accessing variables if they are NULL
or keys of arrays which arent even set.
root <root@postoffice.intern> no 2023-08-25 [PATCH 1/3] include/ Fix processElementFilter() not considering default values for method parameters.

Introduced by c996dc9d1d60c2152 (fix_develop).
root <root@postoffice.intern> no 2023-08-25 [PATCH 3/3] include/ Define gridClass for default and classic theme. root <root@postoffice.intern> no 2023-08-25 [PATCH] include/ Hide 'ldap_{search,read}(): Search: No such object.' errors. They occur rather often and don't hint to an actual
root <root@postoffice.intern> no 2023-08-29 [PATCH] include/ Don't send object DN for new objects when registering plugin. root <root@postoffice.intern> no 2023-08-29
1040_fix-instance-property-typo-in-class_acl-inc.patch Typo fix in accessing instance property. Mike Gabriel <> no
1041_fix-role-selector.patch Fix role selector when using the default theme Add workaround for Matrialize.css which hides <input> elements with type=radio
unless wrapped in a <label> and followed by a <span> element.
Guido Berhoerster <> no
1042_fix-user-info-default-theme.patch Fix styling of user properties.
Fix plugin list generation. Move openPlugin JS function outside of $menu Smarty
variable since it used outside of the menu as well and $menu is not rendered in
the default theme when no menu is requested.
Guido Berhoerster <> no
1043a_Add-setter-for-skipFooter-property-needed-for-mfa-ex.patch [PATCH] Add setter for skipFooter property (needed for mfa extension of usermanagement) Jochen Schimmelpfennig <> no 2023-11-13
1043b_honour-plugin-property-skipFooter-used-by-mfa-account.patch Honour plugin property skipFooter before drawing buttons. Mike Gabriel <> no
1044_fix-class-ldap-serialization.patch no
1045_fix-posixaccount-shadowExpire.patch debian/patches/: Add 0003-fix-posixaccount-shadowExpire.patch which fixes shadowExpire always being set to 0. (User can't login then) (Closes: #1053806) "Daniel Teichmann" <> no
1046_groups-classic-theme-generic-tpl.patch Drop artifact from group overview/generic page template. Mike Gabriel <> no
1047_silence-SnapshotHandler-in-logs.patch Don't pass new class instantiation as reference.Abstract:
This avoids PHP errors of the following kind:
PHP error: Only variables should be passed by reference (/usr/share/gosa/include/, line 117)
Mike Gabriel <> no
1048_fix-undefined-variable.patch Fix undefined variable $acl_mode when using classic theme. Mike Gabriel <> no
1049_dont-compare-multidim-arrays-with-array-diff.patch Compare JSON hashes instead of comparing array.Abstract:
This avoids an 'Array to string conversion' error when comparing multi-dimensional arrays.
Mike Gabriel <> no

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