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Status for gridengine/8.1.9+dfsg-11

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
compiler-flags.patch Pass environment compiler/linker flags to shared library calls aimk takes environment variables to supplement CFLAGS and LDFLAGS, but
it does not apply them to compilation of shared libraries.
Afif Elghraoui <> no 2016-05-22
union-wait.patch [PATCH] Remove union wait Being removed from glibc and apparently long obsolete in BSD Dave Love <> no debian 2016-04-15
m32_m64.patch Do not pass -m32/-m64 flags for native compilation Afif Elghraoui <> no debian 2016-08-27
java-paths.patch Fix JAVA_LIB_ARCH paths for certain architectures Some architectures have unconventional (or just undefined, in the case of
alpha) paths to Java libraries. See Debian #828873. This patch works
arounds those inconsistencies to fix the package building on mips64el,
sparc64, and arm64. The build for alpha should also be working now.
Afif Elghraoui <> no 2016-08-28
x32.patch Add support for x32 Used information from Afif Elghraoui <> no debian 2016-08-29
source-dependencies.patch Add undeclared source prerequisites The package fails to build when using high parallelism (64 threads) due
to undeclared prerequisites for pdc.
Afif Elghraoui <> yes debian 2016-12-10
openssl-1.1.patch fix package build with openssl 1.1 Mark Hymers <> yes debian upstream 2017-01-07
qmake-glob-glibc227.patch commit 48c8a116a914a325a0497721f5d8b58d5bba34d4

* Support GLIBC glob interface version 2

commit 193f1e81edd6b1b56b0eb0ff8aa4b41c7b4257b4

glob: Do not assume glibc glob internals.

It has been proposed that glibc glob start using gl_lstat,
which the API allows it to do. GNU 'make' should not get in
the way of this. See:

* dir.c (local_lstat): New function, like local_stat.
(dir_setup_glob): Use it to initialize gl_lstat too, as the API
Paul Eggert <> no 2017-09-24
armhf-java.patch Fix FTBFS on armhf due to OpenJDK VM changes Adam Barratt <> no debian 2018-07-09
skip-jgdi-with-recent-java.patch skip building jgdi with recent Java versions JGDI does not build successfully with Java 9+, and it's not a critical
part of the package, so I don't want it holding it back.
Afif Elghraoui <> not-needed debian upstream 2019-02-05
extern_qualifier.patch Fix FTBFS with g++ 10 Pierre Gruet <> no debian 2020-11-26
libtirpc.patch Build using libtirpc No longer part of libc6, we have to include and link this explicitly. Afif Elghraoui <> no 2021-09-26
riscv64.patch add support riscv64 Bo YU <> no 2022-08-20

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