Debian Patches

Status for gringotts/1.2.10-4

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
fix-doc-and-desktop.patch Modified to avoid installing all doc files and corrected directory for desktop file. no
fix-open-help-menu-items.patch Use xdg-open command from xdg-utils package to open README and FAQ menu items. no
fix-desktop-file.patch Remove the 'Encoding' key because is now deprecated by the FreeDesktop
standard and added a 'Categories' and 'Keywords' keys.
Removed unused keys, too.
fix-mkinstalldirs-old-gettext.patch Retores the changed file after running autoreconf. no
fix-compile-with-hardening-flags.patch Fix prototype and function call to allow compile with hardening flags. no
fix-build-with-gcc-10.patch [PATCH] extern decls fix for recent gcc. Shlomi Fish <> no 2020-05-26

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