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Status for gsmlib/1.10+20120414.gita5e5ae9a-2

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
01-update-autotools.diff Update autotools-related stuff. no
02-fix-csms.diff Fix +CSMS response parsing: an argument can be zero-length (Closes: #602739).
diff --git a/gsmlib/ b/gsmlib/
Andrew Shadura <> no
03-fix-cops.diff Fix +COPS response parsing: additional numeric argument possible (Closes: #674856).
diff --git a/gsmlib/ b/gsmlib/
Andrew Shadura <> no
04-parseint2.patch [PATCH] fix parseInt2 expected number
checkEmptyParameter has read first number and didn't put them back.
parseInt2 reads ',' and complains about missing number.
Timo Schmid <> no 2014-02-20
gettext-external.diff AM_GNU_GETTEXT requires 'external' AM_GNU_GETTEXT requires the 'external' parameter and it does not allow
'intl' to be listed in the SUBDIRS variable.
Lukas Märdian <> no debian 2021-04-22
0006-autoconf-Enforce-c-14.patch autoconf: Enforce c++14
GCC 11 uses C++17 by default, which causes the following error:

As a result, use C++14 to circumvent FTBFS.
Boyuan Yang <> no 2021-10-12
0007-Avoid-AC_TRY_RUN.patch Avoid AC_TRY_RUN Helmut Grohne <> no debian 2021-11-20
0008-reproducible-build.patch reproducible build Chris Lamb <> no debian 2016-06-24

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