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004_gtk+-ximian-gtk2-filesel-navbutton-5.patch Ximian patch to improve the GtkFileSel UI
Requested by Ross Burton in 2003.

[Jonathan Brandmeyer: Use ~/Desktop instead of ~/.gnome2-desktop]
Debian GNOME Maintainers no 2003-07-13
005_support_disabling_x11_extensions.patch Support disabling X11 extensions
We want this in Debian as we build GTK with extensions enabled for the
normal build, but disable them for the special build that will be used
in the graphical installer, because it needs to be as small as possible.
Cyril Brulebois <> yes upstream 2018-04-06
015_default-fallback-icon-theme.patch Set the default gtk-fallback-icon-theme
[jbicha: Use Adwaita instead of gnome to match gtk3]

Similar to GTK 3 commit 2488b954f24c01f99995ff22898628c57b4aedc1 in
=?utf-8?q?Lo=C3=AFc_Minier?= <> no debian 2007-05-18
042_treeview_single-focus.patch Don't select the focused item for GTK_SELECTION_SINGLE type treeviews

This allows the fix in 040_filechooser_single-click.patch to work.
Josselin Mouette <> no 2007-11-04
044_tracker_fts.patch Enable tracker full text search
Tracker in Debian is compiled with FTS support, so we make use of that in
GTK3's file selector dialog.
This way files can be found by their content and not only their file name.
Michael Biebl <> no 2012-01-18
060_ignore-random-icons.patch Don't list images from unknown directories in icon cache
After GTK 2.12.0, gtk-update-icon-cache fails if there is a PNG file
placed directly in /usr/share/icons/hicolor (not in a correct
subdirectory like 48x48/apps).

this change is no longer necessary:
"I believe a slightly different fix that I did some time ago fixes this
too." --Matthias Clasen, 2008-02-16 04:43:10 UTC
Loic Minier <> yes debian upstream 2007-10-21
061_use_pdf_as_default_printing_standard.patch Use PDF as default printing standard
Original author unknown.
Ubuntu Core Developers <> no 2009-03-03
Reinstate-marshallers-that-accidentally-became-part-of-th.patch Reinstate marshallers that accidentally became part of the ABI
gtkmarshal.c in GTK 2.24.32 was generated by a version of
glib-genmarshal that produced unintended symbols. It was regenerated
for 2.24.33, but it looks as though a few packages might already be
referring to those symbols. Patch them back in for ABI compatibility.
Simon McVittie <> not-needed 2020-12-28
d-i/textlayout-Clamp-width-to-the-value-we-asked-for-as-a-hac.patch textlayout: Clamp width to the value we asked for, as a hack for d-i
When we ask Pango to lay out text with a particular width in mind, if
the width is really narrow then reducing it can result in Pango asking
for *more* space. This can result in a relayout loop in the Debian
installer. Avoid this by restricting the width to be no more than what
we asked for, which might result in text being clipped or overlapping
with an adjacent widget but is better than an infinite loop.
Simon McVittie <> no debian 2021-05-19
Check-for-attribute-availability-before-accessing-it.patch Check for attribute availability before accessing it
Starting from GLib 2.76, the standard attribute getters in the GFileInfo
object will warn if the attribute is unset, instead of silently bailing
out and returning a default value.

Ported to GTK2 by futalas
Emmanuele Bassi <> no 2023-03-13

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