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Status for guilt/0.36-3

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
DocMakefile.patch # Description: Install docs to /usr/share/man instead of /usr/man. no
Makefile.patch # Description: Use /usr instead of /usr/local no
fix-guilt-help-man-page-path.patch Fix "guilt help" man page path
Axel Beckert <> no
find_-perm_+.diff Use "find -perm /x" instead of "find -perm +x". Andreas Metzler <> no debian
fix-regression-test-suite-with-newer-git.diff Fix regression test suite wrt. to newer git and dd versions Axel Beckert <> invalid
fix-typos.diff Fix typos found by lintian Axel Beckert <> invalid
adt.patch =================================================================== no
fix-ftbfs-new-git.patch Apply patch to fix test-suite changes with new git.
Dimitri John Ledkov <> no
fix-decorate.patch Enable full decorations in the tests In Git 2.38, `git log --decorate` now filters out by default a lot of things, including
the guilt-specific refs. This configures git to disable all filters.
Simon Chopin <> no debian 2023-01-09
makefile-quote-variables.patch no

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