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Status for gunicorn/20.1.0-6

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0001-drop-supplemental-groups.patch Also drop supplemental groups. Chris Lamb <> no 2017-03-13
0002-use-system-js-libs.patch use-system-js-libs Chris Lamb <> no 2015-10-30
0003-Don-t-call-chown-2-if-it-would-be-a-no-op.patch Don't call chown(2) if it would be a no-op. Chris Lamb <> no 2016-09-23
0004-Set-supplementary-groups-when-changing-uid.patch Set supplementary groups when changing uid.
Thanks to Filippos Giannakos <>.
Chris Lamb <> no 2016-10-07
0005-eventlet-worker-ALREADY_HANDLED-WSGI_LOCAL.patch eventlet worker: ALREADY_HANDLED -> WSGI_LOCAL
Eventlet v0.30.3+ removed wsgi.ALREADY_HANDLED in favor of
`wsgi.WSGI_LOCAL.already_handled: bool`

Sorry, this breaking change happened during only patch
version increase 0.30.2 -> 0.30.3
Sergey Shepelev <> no 2021-05-06

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