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Status for heimdal/7.8.git20221117.28daf24+dfsg-3

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
nfs_des nfs_des
=== modified file 'kdc/kerberos5.c'
Brian May <> no 2017-04-26
021_debian Debian
=== modified file 'doc/setup.texi'
Brian May <> no 2017-04-26
022_openafs OpenAFS
Brian May <> no 2017-04-26
025_krb5-config-paths krb5-config-paths
=== modified file 'a/tools/'
Brian May <> no 2017-04-26
025_pthreads pthreads
=== modified file 'cf/pthreads.m4'
Brian May <> no 2017-04-26
030_pkg-config-paths pkg-config-paths
=== modified file 'tools/'
Brian May <> no 2017-04-26
installsh installsh
Brian May <> no 2017-04-26
041_hurd_maxhostnamelen hurd_maxhostnamelen Brian May <> no 2017-04-26
042_hurd_path_max hurd_path_max Brian May <> no 2017-04-26
046_hurd_sundevdata hurd sundevdata Brian May <> no 2017-04-26
047_link_gssapi Link Gssapi
Link against just build gssapi, instead of the system one this resolves
FTBFS when gssapi adds new symbols.
Dimitri John Ledkov <> no 2017-04-26
060_no_build_string No build string
Remove hostname and build time from version as they make the build
Jelmer Vernooij <> no 2017-04-26
parallel-build Parallel build Brian May <> no 2017-04-26
disable_iprop Disable iprop Brian May <> no 2017-04-26
disable_rpath Disable use of rpath in krb5-config.heimdal

This also solves another issue:

Disable use of @CANONICAL_HOST@, which is not reproducible.
Brian May <> no 2017-04-26
0016-Add-back-in-base64_encode-and-base64_decode.patch Add back in base64_encode and base64_decode
These functions were removed upstream. See

Unfortunately the SONAME was not incremented for libroken. This could
cause breakage. This change reintroduces the old names until the SONAME
can be incremented.
Brian May <> no 2017-04-26
fix-missing-headers fix-missing-headers
Brian May <> no 2019-12-16
0018-Increment-roken-library-version.patch Increment roken library version Brian May <> no 2022-11-24
0019-Increment-hcrypto-library-version.patch Increment hcrypto library version Brian May <> no 2022-11-24
CVE-2022-45142-gsskrb5-fix-accidental-logic-inversio.patch [PATCH] CVE-2022-45142: gsskrb5: fix accidental logic inversions
The referenced commit attempted to fix miscompilations with gcc-9 and
gcc-10 by changing `memcmp(...)` to `memcmp(...) != 0`. Unfortunately,
it also inverted the result of the comparison in two occasions. This
inversion happened during backporting the patch to 7.7.1 and 7.8.0.

for arcfour unwrap")
Helmut Grohne <> no 2023-02-05
0021-Add-missing-initialization-of-kdc_offset-in-kcm.patch Add missing initialization of kdc_offset in kcm
In KCM, when allocating new kcm_ccache struct, there is missing inicialization
of kdc_offset. It is getting random values in my case and stored tickets are
unusable, last time I got this value to "klist -v": KDC time offset: 61 years
11 months 2 weeks 3 days 5 hours 28 minutes 32 seconds This commit seems to
correct it.
Pavel Semerad <> no 2018-07-16

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