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Thomas Goirand <> not-needed 2015-09-26 Fix sheebang Thomas Goirand <> no 2018-02-24
Dont_load_user_role_assignment_or_groups_tabs_for_non-admins.patch Don't load user role assignment or groups tabs for non-admins As a non admin user, navigate to Identity -> Users. Then click on the
username of your user to go to the detail page.
Only the allowed Overview tab is visible.
The view shows three tabs: Overview, Role assignments, Groups. Click on
either Role assignments or Groups. An error will appear, showing that
the API call is unauthorised, and the table content will fail to load.
This change fixes the issue by conditionally loading the tabs based on

Mark Goddard <> no upstream, 2021-07-14
do-not-create-volume-by-default-when-launching-instance.patch Do not create volume by default when launching instance By default, Horizon creates a volume and wants users to boot from it, which is
not what a user should do by default. This patch restors sanity in the default

Thomas Goirand <> no 2021-07-14
relax-python-yaml-depends.patch Relax pyaml requirements
Thomas Goirand <> not-needed 2022-03-27
django-4.x-csrf-reasons.patch Django 4.x CSRF reasons
no debian 2022-06-29
Make-site_branding-tag-work-with-Django-4.0.patch Make site_branding tag work with Django 4.0 A test for site_branding tag starts to fail with Django 4.0.
It seems to happen as settings.SITE_BRANDING is _("Horizon") and
a translation marker _() is no longer evaluated during rendering.
As a solution, this commit changes the implementation of site_branding tag
to use "simple_tag" method as django.template.Library.simple_tag() [1]
seems to handle an i18n-ed string properly.

diff --git a/horizon/templatetags/ b/horizon/templatetags/
index 3c208fd..23771b9 100644
Akihiro Motoki <> yes upstream upstream, 2022-07-28
remove-test_rbac_panels.patch Remove test_rbac_panels() This unit test fails in autopkgtest. My previous attempt to blacklist this
test in d/tests/unittests failed, so I'm taking the easy path, by simply
completely removing this test. Further investigation needed.
Thomas Goirand <> not-needed 2022-10-14

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